Great news! Hew Time is now available for streaming prior to the official release date of March 25th courtesy of Joyful Noise Recordings. As mentioned previously, Hew Time is the all drums/percussion album by Dale Crover, Coady Willis, and Joe Plummer. You can still pre-order the Gold Vinyl version with a digital download here. The gold vinyl version is limited to 1000 copies and is going fast, the black and gold version already sold out.

"The project started with Joe Plummer. He turned Coady and myself on to a Max Roach record called M'Boom. Originally Joe's idea was to cover that record. I convinced him that it would be impossible to do so, and we should take M'Boom as a creative influence on our own thing. So here it is. Hew Time!" - Dale Crover

"Joe Plummer (Black Heart Procession, Modest Mouse, The Shins)had an idea to record an all percussion record inspired by Max Roach's M'BOOM. He came down to LA and we (Joe, Dale Crover, and myself) set up shop in the Melvins' practice space. 3 drum kits, bongos, congas, and all manner of percussive devices were used to make Hew Time, a full length album out on Joyful Noise Records March 25. We are really excited about how it turned out! Recorded and mixed by Toshi Kasai. Hope you can check it out." - Coady Willis

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