The Quietus has premiered 'Sesame Street Meat' from Hold It In which is due to be released in just under a few weeks! (October 14th to be exact)  Dale Crover said this of Sesame Street Meat... "This track is one of the first songs we recorded together. I love Jeff's slinky little bass line that comes in around the third measure! Then the whole band kicks in and just crushes you like a bug! One of my faves! I can't wait to play it live!"


It looks like both the vinyl and CD will be available on that date through Ipecac. The vinyl from Ipecac will be one 12", and since all the songs from the album won't fit so AmRep will be releasing a Bride of Crankenstein 10" with the final track House of Gasoline tacking up the entire b-side of that release. The 10" should be available in time for the U.S. tour that'll be getting underway in a few weeks.

Bride of Crankenstein art by HAZE XXL

Speaking of Amphetame Reptile Records and Tom Hazelmeyer... The Color of Noise a new documentary about the legendary label is in the midst of touring the United States. Tom is appearing at many of the dates selling his art and some rare AmRep releases. Check out The Color of Noise FB for all the details. Noisey also posted a good interview with the director recently.

Make sure to sign up for the We Empty Rooms mailing list so that you can be notified of opportunities to order the Melvins/Hard-Ons split 7" Some may be available on the tour, but quantities are unknown at this point.  The Melvins side of this split is a cover of Glen Matlock's song Ambition.

Poster art by Craig Horky

GOING COMMANDO WITH JIM MORRISON'S GOLDEN SET OF PIPES: Buzz's final tour diary installment for Noisey was posted... 
"Dave and I ate at a pretty nice place just down the street with a surly waitress who mumbled that we were early so some of the specials weren't available yet.
As she turned to stomp off she dropped her order book and when she bent over to pick it up I noticed her pants were split the entire length of her ass crack...
And she wasn't wearing underwear...
It was like staring into the sun." - Buzz Baltimore, MD

Brian Walsby's latest Melvins T-shirt is ace and he still has some sizes left. It's a tribute to Love's Forever Changes album art.


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