Great news, you now have the opportunity to help the highly anticipated documentary The Colossus Of Destiny - A Melvins Tale come to fruition! They're offering tons of great rewards for supporting their Kickstarter, and I can tell you that the folks behind this thing are huge Melvins fans, are incredibly dedicated to this project, and that it's going to be a proper testament to the amazing career that Buzz and Dale along with their collaborators have put together. Check out the details below or at, and please visit their Kickstarter to back the project!

"How comes no one has ever made a film about The Melvins?"

Well, no one has ever tried or thought it even possible.....until now that is. The Colossus Of Destiny - A Melvins Tale is a film about a band who have defied all the rules, for over 32 years and counting, and still managed to succeed and do it their own way. The journey of band members King Buzzo and Dale Crover leads us from the backwards-waters of the Chehalis River in Washington State, down through the Golden Gate of Northern California, and finally settling into the Los Angeles River Basin of Southern California. With the rest of the world thrown in along the way. You will witness first hand the beliefs and attitudes, values and obscenities, slows and fasts, triumphs and toils, loves and hates, wits and giggles of a hugely talented and influential band.  And you will also come away with a lesson in how to survive in the wicked world of the music biz without taking yourself too damn seriously.

Hear what the countless number of peers, collaborators, understudies, admirers, even haters, have to say about their encounters with The Melvins over the past 3 decades and more in our exclusive interviews. And get to feast your eyes on a huge collection of never before seen Live Footage, Photos, Art, Animation and Extracurricular Activities of The Melvins.

 About The Funding

The filmmakers are asking you for help with the funding process to finish this project they both individually started and self-funded over the last 5 years or so, and collectively worked on together the past 13 months. 95% of the filming process has been done over this time. But the major financial tasks at hand are now upon them with costs for - Editing....and the momentous Caffeine Consumption that goes with it - Animation - Picture Quality Mixing - Sound Dobly of course - Music and Video and Image Licensing/Bribery - And a few more really interesting interviews that need to happen.

The final goal is to bring you the best looking and sounding film that is possible to go along with the already amazing story that is in position. The figure of $75,000 is what we feel is the minimum amount we need to achieve that goal. All of the funds made available to us will be spent solely on the production costs of the film making process.                                 

* Please note that this funding process is of the filmmakers doing and nothing to do with the band.

The Rewards  
The Rewards on offer are exclusive to this Kickstarter project.  

They include: specially donated artwork by our good friends Haze XXL, Brian Walsby, Arik Roper, Skinner and the fabulous Mackie Osbourne. Live recordings donated by Vinny Palese. Production help by Revolve Merchandise. And extra special one of a kind products and experiences with the help of the band members themselves.  

It is hoped that there is something for everyone in all different price brackets. And the filmmakers are hugely grateful in any help that you can provide to make this project be completed.

Poster Art by Skinner

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