Joyful Noise is a record label doing great things, and you've probably noticed they've been working with the band quite a bit lately on special releases. Good news, there are a few recent ones for you to check out! As mentioned previously the Melvins recorded a cover of Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl" with Teri from Le Butcherettes for Joyful Noise's "Almost Live" series. That was originally released on a very limited edition lathe cut 7" which sold out quickly, but now you have an opportunity to pick up the 7" again as it's being repressed in larger quantities as a single sided white vinyl with a Mackie designed screenprint on the b-side. This 7" is part of their VIP club 7" of the month for January. Check out the details on their VIP membership + single series.

 Joyful Noise also just announced the release of a new Hew Time 3x7" set, this is the all drumming project from Dale, Coady, and Joe Plummer. "Seconds" features six new unreleased tracks from the group, with music contained on Side A, and Side B featuring badass etchings of Dale, Joe and Coady. The release is limited to a one-time pressing of 850 hand-numbered copies. Plus, 175 copies are pressed on gold vinyl! The gold vinyl is distributed randomly to those that order... like a golden ticket. Like from that one movie...

 Dumb Numbers also recently released a triple 10" split series box set through Joyful Noise. The splits feature new music from Dumb Numbers along with Melvins, David Lynch, and David Yow. Not only does Dale of course play drums on the Melvins Lite track "Polish Trash Compactor" he also plays drums on all of the Dumb Numbers songs included in the box set. Both Buzz and Kevin Rutmanis are also featured on the Dumb Numbers side of the Melvins split 10" making this basically a must have for Melvins fans. The release is limited to a one-time pressing of 975 hand-numbered copies, packaged within a custom wooden box set, with screen-printed art by Mackie Osborne. The first 275 copies are pressed on clear vinyl w/ "haze" of gold, silver, and oxblood colors [sold out], and the remaining 700 copies are pressed on black vinyl marbled w/ gold, silver, and oxblood colors. Check out the box set "Unveiling" video preview below.


Brian Walsby and Bifocal Media have two new Melvins shirts up for sale.

  • Beginning in March, this years version of the Melvins boasts Redd Kross bassist Steven McDonald. What better way of celebrating this news than with a t-shirt that parodies both? Here we have two separate Redd Kross moments (an album title and album cover which don't match up at all) and making fun of a shithole town that Buzz and Dale were familiar with in their desperate upbringings. It’s all here; tied up in a neat little bow, on a t-shirt!  - Brian Walsby
  • This new Melvins t shirt boasts the trio lineup of Buzz, Dale, and the one and only Jeff Pinkus! The idea originated out of an idea I had for one of those homemade posters that I have sold out on the road. After doing this idea about forty times it was suggested to me that this would make one heckuva t shirt design. Well, you didn't have to tell me twice. Besides being sort of funny that the whole bath salts craze seemed to spring out of the state of Florida, there is also the unintended humor in the fact that Pinkus played bass on the Butthole Surfers classic "Moving to Florida". And finally, the design is also sort of my attempt at making a "metal" shirt. In a warped kind of way, that is. I hope you all enjoy it! - Brian Walsby


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