It kind of makes you want to stop doing this!
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the European Geek Tour is being changed at the last minute. The changes are as follows: The Paris show originally scheduled for Friday, June 27 is cancelled. The Hamburg show scheduled for Saturday June 28 is being moved to July 13.
The Roskilde festival show originally scheduled for Sunday June 29 is now Saturday June 28. The Helsinki show scheduled for July 1 is cancelled. We are hoping and assuming that the show on July 3 will happen as planned. The rest of the tour looks fine. When scheduling tours, bands rely on managers, booking agents, promoters/festival organizers, bus or van rental companies, travel agents and crewmembers to pull everything together and set things up. As with life, sometimes things don’t go as planned, but usually you can still pull it together. In this case a couple major parts of the tour organization fell apart, forcing the cancellation of some shows. Ipecac, Tomahawk and the Melvins are VERY upset about this and wish to apologize to everyone affected by these sudden changes. In light of what has happened, it is a tribute to the bands and crew that instead of panicking and canceling, they are determined to do as much of this tour as humanly possible. This despite the loss of a considerable amount of income. Once again, we are VERY sorry. Does this stuff only happen to us????

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