This comes from Peter of Denmark:
Talked to Buzz and Kevin before the show. He are some of the things Buzz said:
- Mike & the Melvins: Mike hasn´t done his vocals yet and Buzz will not do his before Mike is finished.
- Upcoming: A re-mix album
- Upcoming: A 200 pages art book will be out in the fall. Includes a CD.
- Melvinmania: European release. Melvins has not been contacted about this release and know nothing about the content. Just that it will only contain previously released songs.
- Upcoming: Melvins and Jello Biafra
- Upcoming: The Mangled Demos with Mike Dillard on drums
Oh yeah: and two new Fantomas albums.....

Aalso a rumor going around is that Kevin Sharp of Brutal Truth fame is working on a grindcore supergroup which will feature Shane Embury on bass, Mick Harris on drums and, possibly, Buzz Osborne on guitar. this is in the preliminary stages and buzz hasn't confirmed so we may hear nothing of this for a while.

Also alex took some pictures at the melvins art show in NY to see them go here.

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