In addition to the below information on the european dates, there will be a special performance in NYC by the Melvins and along with Cameron Jamie's films:
Cameron Jamie, The Melvins, and Keiji Haino

Post-punk band the Melvins plays the live score to Kranky Klaus/BB/Spook House; avant-garde musician Keiji Haino performs to Jamie’s most recent film, JO. The performance will occur at Symphony Space, located at 2537 Broadway at 95th Street; tickets available at
Presented in conjunction with the 2006 Biennial.

from Well blow me down! This one caught us off guard. The FantômasMelvins Big Band has decided to do a little mini tour in part of Europe in April! No new record, no real reason, just doing it because some promoters offered em a bunch of cash to dust it off. Look for the dates in the calendar section. This is not part of any bigger tour. No plans to tour other parts of the world and not sure if any dates will be added to this European run. It is very rare when the Big Band is able to get all the musicians available at the same time. And to answer your question, the reasons these cities were chosen is because this is where the offers came from. Don't blame us if they are not going to your city or country. These musicians do this for a living so they go where they are offered good money. Private jets and full body massages are expensive, you know?
Apr. 19, 2006 --- Ljubljana, Slovenia --- Cvetlicarna Mediapark
Apr. 21, 2006 --- Krems, Austria --- Donaufestival
Apr. 22, 2006 --- Berlin, Germany --- Kesselhaus
Apr. 23, 2006 --- Brussels, Belgium --- Ancienne Belgique
Apr. 24, 2006 --- Munich, Germany --- Backstage
Apr. 25, 2006 --- Fribourg, Switzerland --- Frison
Apr. 26, 2006 --- Bologna, Italy --- Estragon
Apr. 27, 2006 --- Rome, Italy --- Qube
Apr. 28, 2006 --- Turin, Italy --- Teatro Della Concorrdia
Apr. 29, 2006 --- Bourges, France --- tba
May. 1, 2006 --- London, England --- Forum

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