Message from Buzz:
This is the entire Houdini record plus a few changes and some extras, recorded live and made into a CD which will be immediately uploaded into cyberspace. The whole concept originated from an invitation by the delightful All Tomorrows Parties people in England to perform the entire Houdini album live as part of their Don't Look Back series. It included The Stooges, Gang of Four, Dinosaur Jr, Mudhoney, The Lemon Heads, The Dirty Three and... well... I don't know who else but I know they all had to play one album in it's entirety. It sounded like a brilliant idea and we thanked God that they hadn't ask us to do the Ozma record. The only problem was The Melvins were once again without a bass player. Fortunately I'd been playing in the stupidly complicated Fantomas with the stinkingly talented Trevor Dunn since 1998 and I knew if he could pull off playing those nightmarish songs he could handle learning the Houdini record with practically no rehearsal. It was perfect. Trevor's a charming cat, besides we felt sorry for the little fella because he's really only been involved in the drowsy, headache-inducing, goosehonking New York jazz scene.

We thought he should finally get a chance to participate in a first-class outfit like ours. Happily for us, he agreed. We figured it was our duty to put this out as a live record since we went to the trouble of RE-LEARNING all of the songs, a third of which we never ever intended to play live. Figuring out HOW to play some of them was problematic but it worked out beautifully. The shows in London and Dublin went great. Unfortunately we didn't hit upon the idea of the live record until after the shows were over. This was a dilemma that could only be remedied by recording another show, and that wasn't easily done. Not only did we have a limited amount of time, locating a suitable venue and assembling the recording equipment was a BITCH. In the end, we couldn't find a venue that would work on such short notice so we rented a warehouse in Vernon, just south of LA, set up the gear and rehearsed all afternoon for our invitation only performance that evening. Then after running through the show twice, we took the tapes to the studio, picked out the best songs of the two sets, mixed them and mastered them onto this CD. DONE! In the exact same order we played them.

- Buzz Osborne 2006

1.     1:39    Pearl Bomb
2.    2:33    Hooch
3.    7:36    Night Goat
4.    4:49    Lizzy
5.    4:35    Going Blind
6.    1:55    Cop-Ache
7.    2:52    Set Me Straight-DCH
8.    3:18    Sky Pup
9.    2:46    Teet
10.    4:19    Joan Of Arc
11.    2:21    Honey Bucket
12.    8:05    Hag Me
13.    12:30    Spread Eagle Beagle review

Track 3 Night Goat MP3

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