Love Canal/Someday 5"

5" Slap A Ham #13
clear wax edit. 3000
Milky vinyl with green sticker, less than 30 copies
Pink wax with white center label edit. 12(test pressing)

A: Love Canal 4:06 cover from Flipper's Sex Bomb Baby
B: Someday 3:21 cover from Flipper's American Grafishy

King Buzzo - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Dale - Drums

Recorded on Buzz's Four-Track

(This review originally appears right here in The Crass Menagerie #100)
This was my first exposure to a 5" record. In fact it being a 5" was one of
the main reasons I bought it. Fortunately I had a record player that didn’t
have too much trouble playing it... I could usually get it to play after
five or six attempts at moving my needle towards the edge of the vinyl very
slooooooooowly. I know some people who simply cannot get a 5" to play. At
the time this came out I was not much of a MELVINS fan. I was stupid. I
was, however, a FLIPPER fan and this record was MELVINS doing FLIPPER covers
and it came out about the same time FLIPPER reformed and released “American
Grafishy,” (“Someday” was a track included on “American Grafishy.”) an album
I loved but a lot of old FLIPPER fans hated. After hearing this record I
decided that MELVINS did indeed know what they were doing and I began buying
their stuff.

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