The Trilogy on Vinyl

This is the limited edition triple gatefold trilogy vinyl picture disc released on Ipecac Records.

Thanks to Steve and Patrick for the images.

For all of you wondering how they fit all of the music from the 3 cds on three records, here is your answer, they didn't. Even though Ipecac listed the tracks as all being included on the records I think they just took the lists from the cds and put them on the vinyl sleeves. I figured out the real track list for all of you and here we go. Maggot - Side A / Swastika 1. amazon 2. AMAZON 3. we all love JUDY 4. manky Maggot - Side B / Star of David 1. the green manalishi (with the two pronged crown) 2. the horn bearer 3. judy 4. see how pretty, see how smart *the silence after "see how pretty, see how smart" is not there and neither is the spooky version of "toy" that follows that. Bootlicker - Side C / Black Panther 1. toy 2. let it all be 3. black santa 4. we we 5. up the dumper Bootlicker - Side D / KKK symbol 1. mary lady bobby kins 2. jew boy flower head 3. lone rose holding now 4. prig *the silence after "prig" is not there and neither is the spooky version of "smells like teen spirit" that follows that. Crybaby - Side E / Cross 1. smells like teen spirit > leif garrett 2. blockbuster > david yow (jesus lizard) 3. ramblin' man > hank williams III, henry bogdan (helmet) 4. mine is no disgrace > foetus Crybaby - Side F / Satanic Star 1. spineless > skeleton key 2. g.i.joe > mike patton 3. divorced > tool *approx. 2 minutes at the beginning of "divorced > tool" are cut and "dry drunk > david yow, godzik pink" / "okie from muskogee > hank williams III, henry bogdan" / "the man with the laughing hand is dead > bliss blood" / "moon pie > kevin sharp (brutal truth)" are not included on the vinyl version.

Thanks for this info.

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