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It's not legit. It's a scam. Don't waste your time. You see these videos pop up on YouTube all the time with new concerts.

OK. Good to know for future reference. I have a few hours left to decide if I will bring my DPAs to get an audio recording. 

Found this and am hoping it's legit and that someone here is capable of capturing it and sharing it with us. I will be in attendance and won't be able to get the job done. 

Melvins Show Reviews / Re: Small's Bar Detroit 8-5
« on: January 23, 2009, 08:45:24 PM »
dude at some point in the night i did my "tom and Jerry" yell and I didn't hear it on any of the sets BB or Melvai. I wonder if the taper edited it out. Usually tapers don;'t edit anything and leave the set as it was in its natural state. But if i rememebr right I was right by the taper so maybe i was way high in the recording. it was between songs I know.

I'm pretty sure Mister Bear left it "as is"...My buddy that I was with said he saw him just duct tape his equipment right onto the wall. I see no reason why he'd edit out any of the crowd banter...

I tweaked the recording a little bit to help the bass become a little clearer but everything that was captured on the tape is present on the circulated recording.  Glad those of you who have heard it enjoyed it, it's the best turn out I've had taping the Melvins and I think it was also the best show.  Top notch!  I taped them from an almost identical spot back in Sept 2007 as well with a good turn out but not as good as this one.

Melvins Show Reviews / Re: rochester, sigh...
« on: August 09, 2008, 02:32:31 PM »
here's my tale of woe. my wife and i were initially supposed to head down with another couple but they were forced to bail last minute (tuesday to be exact) and we were mad scrambling to find takers for the two tickets on short notice. the last of which was taken this morning at around 10 by a friend who couldn't get out of work any earlier than 4. rush hour on a friday, leaving toronto is a headache no matter what. lengthy line up at the border and we get through at around 1/4 to 7. haul ass to rochester from the border, with a brief pit stop to grab some greasy roadside grub. we get into rochester around 8 pm or so and proceed to get lost based on shitty directions (fuck you google maps, kiss my ass). we finally find the club by 9.30ish and figure we'll catch the tail end of BB's set. once in the club, lo and behold it's the last 4 songs of melvins. christ. luckily i caught the whole shebang the night before, but still. my mrs. loves the biz and enjoys big melvins as well. christ. i guess it's the all ages show and the curfew or something. :cry:
anyhow, the set rocked, they rule. we met mr. warren, nice chap. dale walked around the club after and i was far too scared to approach him. walsby is one of the good ones as well.

hey greasy,

Just curious, you're not the guy I bumped into on Bloor St. a few weeks ago are you?  We chatted for maybe all of 2 or 3 minutes about Melvins cuz I was wearing my 2006 tour shirt.  I was with my soon to be wife, she's Vietnamese.  Does that ring a bell? 

Melvins Show Reviews / Re: Town Ballroom, Buffalo,NY
« on: August 09, 2008, 12:47:16 AM »

If any of you remember grabbing the Detroit show last year, that was probably my recording, I will have them all up (Detroit, Buffalo, Rochester) on my blog sometime hopefully in near future.  No guarantees but I wanna get'em up soon otherwise it will be a while. 

are you ambulance's friend that I met?   
I got your recording of last year's detroit show.  top notch.
can't wait to hear this year's take.  remember me come dispursement day.

yeah that's me....was nice to meet you.  been so used to having all these virtual friends and never actually meeting any of them.  i'm gonna up the shows over at dime-a-dozen and post them on my blog for those who do not have an account.  almost identical spot for taping this time 'round.  the guitars came through a little better but that kick drum is a little punchy.  Still sounds good to my ears...there's something about that hot sweaty place that I really like even if it makes my whole body feel a giant grimy scrotum.

Melvins Show Reviews / Re: Town Ballroom, Buffalo,NY
« on: August 08, 2008, 11:06:30 AM »
another great one!  waay too fucking loud but if it's any consolation for any in attendance and hoping for a recording to surface, the tape turned out better than I could have hoped.  Had a few technical issues in the first song of BB set and the Melvins sets but otherwise NICE!  Couple more hours and off to Rochester.  Woo-hoo!  Let's hope for a good showing there.

Overall I didn't have as much fun as Detroit but I had my mics in my hat vs. mounted on the wall which always limits my enjoyment.  Well worth it in the years to come though... 

If any of you remember grabbing the Detroit show last year, that was probably my recording, I will have them all up (Detroit, Buffalo, Rochester) on my blog sometime hopefully in near future.  No guarantees but I wanna get'em up soon otherwise it will be a while. 

Melvins Show Reviews / Re: 9-28 detroit
« on: October 09, 2007, 12:09:02 PM »
I've got my recording of the Melvins & Big Business sets available for trade.  Had my mics taped up on the wall by the soundboard.  Small ass venue and it was sold out.  Great show!  Big Business kicked with Toshio Kasai on guitar.  Melvins were awesome!!

Melvins Show Reviews / Re: Buffalo show 10/6
« on: October 08, 2006, 01:06:29 PM »
for anyone interested i recorded the Big Business-Melvins set and have a torrent running over at dime-adozen of the big bussiness portion now.  Melvins portion forthcoming, maybe later tonite.  the tape turned out great and melvins ripped.  check it out if you can.  thanx for the setlist!

Melvins Show Reviews / Re: Melvins - October 1st - Toledo OH
« on: October 03, 2006, 10:40:51 PM »
Yeah some nice pictures but you shouda been standing with me right in front of Buzzo.  Had a great view of everybody but Dale who was buried behind the drum sets.  I still can't believe we spent like 10hrs driving and saw only 4 songs...geezus.  Lookin forward to Friday in Buffalo for sure. 

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