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An acoustic melvins cover.

Here I am doing Annum (poorly)

The vocals were really good, you should re-do it man!

That was like... 3-4 years ago. I'd have to re-figure out that guitar riff. It wasn't quite right to begin with but was as close as I could muster.

Also alot of those vocals are made up on the spot because I had no clue what Buzz was actually singing...

I don't think I'm famous yet... the internet must be broken.

don't worry ends.  you'll always be our little celebrity.


I don't think I'm famous yet... the internet must be broken.

An acoustic melvins cover.

Here I am doing Annum (poorly)

Melvins Discussion / Re: MELVINS merchandise..
« on: September 14, 2010, 02:20:04 PM »
So far those records were only sold at that show, but apparently some are left over and are going to be sold at a Haze XXL and Kevin Rutmanis artshow in LA. I saw this info on the AmRep Bored if you wanna know more

Please note that Haze said the remainders will be sold at "Art show prices". I.E. Likely inflated from the original $100 price tag.

Melvins Discussion / Re: MELVINS merchandise..
« on: September 14, 2010, 02:18:20 PM »
thanks for the PM and all the info jules. Ill keep my eye out. Eventually i think prices will lower on ebay. I should find one at a great price later on down the road.


considering they cost $100 I don't see the price ever dropping below $150-$200, which is what they've been selling for on ebay according to completed auctions.

Melvins Discussion / Re: What are your top 5 favorite Melvins albums
« on: September 01, 2010, 11:25:43 AM »
Egg Nog
Hostile Ambient Takeover
Nude With Boots
Bride Screamed Murder

This is exactly my list.

I thought they were one per person? 
Nice payday.  :?

Had I known they weren't I'd have thought about buying a handful to retire on.

Or not... the one that I bought put me in the doghouse with the missus... "You spent how much on ONE SONG!?!?!"


I heard there is no re-entry at the Grumpy's show. Can anyone confirm this? I would hate to carry around a $100 12 inch all day.

I heard no re-entry as well, but haze will be offering us a "coat check" service for merch so we don't have to carry it around all day.

I was hoping for re-entry so I could maybe go explore while a band I didn't care too much for was playing... but then I realized there are no  bands playing that I don't care too much for. Plus grumpy's food is apparently awesome so it's not like we'll need to leave to get grub.

Haze announced the price of the album on his facebook. He's also charging boardies $200 for a package of all of the show exclusives  (1x12", 3x7",3xPosters), unfortunately he has already ended the package deal.

$100 is a bunch of money, and I think Haze is limiting it to 1 per customer.

psyched to hear it, I'm picking mine up at the show.

It's official then. These are happening. I'll be working on a batch of 5 after the amrep fest. Updates to follow.

demanding lot, ain't ya. ;)

I've been working on a paper template for it so IF I decide to do a run it'll be easier and they'll be more or less identical as opposed to the "by sight" method which left Buzzo's doll a little long in the left leg. I'm new to this so it's going slowly.

I'm figuring I'll start on a bushel of them when I get back from MN, after delivering this one to Buzz. I'll update then.

First a batch of 5 likely. We'll see how that goes time-wise before I commit to any more.

Paper template is an abject failure. The first doll made from the template came out looking very different than the original, a bit longer and more slender and the hair turned out longer and a bit more wild looking. I like the look of it all the same, but it's lead me to the decision that the buzz dolls are all going to be made "by sight" meaning there will be variations and different flaws in each of them. The only way I can maintain my sanity with this project is if I accept right off the bat that I am not a doll maker and these will be far from perfect. But they will all be decidedly buzzo and they're pretty darn rugged. Don't give it to your dog or toddler and they should survive just about anything.

So yeah, I don't know if you guys are still interested but they will be not be carbon copies of one another. Each will have a little "artistic license"...

Let me know if you any of you guys still want me to continue past this second doll knowing that they'll each be unique to one another in some fashion. sorry, I'm not an artist or a doll maker, just a dude with some thread and scary level of melvins obsession.

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