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Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins in 2018
« on: January 15, 2018, 03:25:41 AM »
Melvins should play in Newcastle under Lhyme, so that Ian could get to see them finally!
Except for the fact that i wouldn't bother or care to go.

Melvins Discussion / Re: Jeff Pinkus solo Bride of Crankenstien
« on: December 24, 2017, 05:21:28 AM »
but he does a version of Bride of Crankenstein
I thought i would enjoy that one at least but i actually struggled to get through it.

Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins Videos Thread (and much more)
« on: December 22, 2017, 02:47:14 AM »
I think it's telling of him (or maybe myself) that sometimes i temporarily forget his name too! Jeff Pinkus looks more like a "Steve" to me!

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's body of work, on Ipecac, made me realize this guy probably did the Crystal Fairy album because his wife talked him into it.
I don't think that is quite the case but i certainly think there is an element of this being just another project to work on for Omar. The guy is super prolific and probably just completes one thing so he can get to the next.

At this point, I'd like to see Crystal Fairy to be classified as a Melvins release, with it's proper place in discography.
I used to think this way too. I wanted it to be considered "Melvins" but taking another listen recently, it really is it's own thing. It's probably better that way too.

Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins in 2018
« on: December 20, 2017, 06:12:07 AM »
Why shall you always hate on nice things, Ian?
That's a good question actually. I hadn't thought about that connection before. I will go so far to say that i DO like nice things - nice food, nice people, nice design but i definitely don't like niceness (however one might perceive that) in the arts. Be it music, film or otherwise. Speaking generally it just doesn't appeal to me. There's no light and shade, no push and pull. Just sweet and sugary prettiness.

Melvins Discussion / Re: the anti-vermin seed
« on: December 20, 2017, 04:41:28 AM »
HAT was/is such a great album. I still think one of the best produced too. The drums sound so damn good.
Easily a top 5 Melvins album.

Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins in 2018
« on: December 20, 2017, 04:29:59 AM »
*Apart from the queen cover.
Which was, is and shall forever be fucking horrible!!

I wonder if there will ever be a follow-up release.

Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins in 2018
« on: December 19, 2017, 04:14:38 AM »
Buzz and Dale said he was a member.
Despite what the band might say, i definitely don't consider Leary a Melvin. Okay he worked with the band on a record but so does Toshi. For me unless a person is performing on stage - then they are not in the band. Same goes for me with how Josh Graham used to be considered to be in Neurosis while he only did the behind band projections. To me that isn't being in the band. I do however consider Adam Jones and David Scott Stone as, albeit briefly, Melvins.

Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins in 2018
« on: December 12, 2017, 04:05:16 AM »
I'm guessing the stuff Sylvia Massy has been recording is that history of music thing, since the bits that have been teased are Leeech and Wit Yo Heart Not Yo Hands and that will probably see the light of day soon.
That's what i think but then again why would the band go out of their way to record with her when they already have their own studio and an effective, dependable thing with Toshi? Im sure Buzz and co would just continue to roll with that. So im thinking this is something a bit more minor than a full-length. Maybe a one off release like The Bulls & The Bees was with Scion or some other deal. The two songs might just end up as a single or an EP.

Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins in 2018
« on: December 11, 2017, 04:51:33 AM »
You don't like it!!?!?! I find that quite surprising actually. I can't recall ANYONE else on here thinking the same. Personally i want more Lite, although i make no reservations about declaring my dislike of 'Tommy Goes Berserk' at every opportunity that i can!

Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins in 2018
« on: December 11, 2017, 04:24:56 AM »
My guess is this year we will see Melvins and Redd Kross team up for an album together.
I'm sorry but please no
You may not like it (i don't much myself either) but apparently that IS going to happen. Steve said Buzz asked both him and his brother Jeff to appear on a "history of rock and roll" concept album that the band were planning to record.

That Melvins Lite material is gathering dust.
Certainly is! 50 songs they were alleged to have recorded together. 50!!!! I guess 'Planet Destructo' and the few with Trevor on 'Everybody Loves Sausages' make up some of the total, but still that's a lot of unreleased music!

Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins in 2018
« on: December 10, 2017, 03:13:57 AM »
- The album with McDonald and Pinkus
Almost a certainty it seems. Funny how the band thought it would emerge this year though. I suspect that means we have quite a few Melvins releases backing up by now. Especially since they are probably recording something else at this very moment too.

Melvins/Void Manes collaboration that's been teased for a few years now.
At this juncture i wonder if that has been lost to the sands of time. How long ago was this mentioned now, about 5 years back? I hope at some point it will arrive.

ELECTRIC WIZARD See You In Hell (Spinefarm/Caroline)
That must have been Dale's pick. I remember an interview a couple of years ago where Buzz said he didn't know who they were and Dale told him "you wouldn't like them".

Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins Videos Thread (and much more)
« on: December 06, 2017, 07:26:31 AM »
What track is that?
It's actually TWO songs! One is a cover of Malfunkshun's song 'With Yo Heart Not Yo Hands' and the other 'Leech' by Green River. Melvins have played both on the last tour with Steve and in fact released each as 7" singles back in the 90's. Seems both songs are getting the re-recording treatment in the same way as 'Euthanasia' did recently.

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