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Melvins Discussion / melvins tribute of sorts
« on: August 11, 2010, 01:37:59 AM »
I am a long time member of the board and figured i would share this,  just  out on my record label from Lansing, Michigan ....  a melvins tribute of sorts... the last song is a melvins medley that Red Teeth used to play, Red Teeth is now dead and this was only released previously in a limited cd-r run sold at their shows..... Its absolutely FREE 2 download stream whatever..... let me know whats u think.........
                                 - Phil

Red Teeth loved The Melvins. Blakzilla was their tribute. "Karl Dungeon Master" and "Weirdo on the couch" were recorded live in Lansing, MI at Mac's Bar. The intro on "Karl" has samples of Jucifer that were taken at that show. Lysol is a composite recording of a Melvins medley Red Teeth used to play including parts from Hag Me, Boris, The Lovely Butterflies, Charmicarmicat, Hung Bunny, Roman Bird Dog, and With Teeth. This recording is taken from 2 practice recordings a live recording and a 4 track version that were all incomplete alone. With a little studio magic "Lysol +" was created from those tapes. Without the inspiration of the Melvins and their creativity many of us may not have made music the way we did or at all. They have drastically changed the way we think about music. The least we could do is destroy one of their songs, HA HA HA HA. Sit back listen & enjoy HERE!

Melvins Discussion / melvins on myspace
« on: July 01, 2008, 08:12:02 AM »
ha check the frnt page of myspace today melvins r the featured band .... ? ha that is so great ...

Melvins Discussion / eye flys on a new soundtrack.....
« on: September 22, 2007, 04:19:32 PM »
found this on myspace its from the new k#@% coB&n movie thought it was uhhh intresting or something... also going to see the melvins in detroit on fri at smalls gonna be awesome again ....  uhhh yeah so u know whatever

June 2, 2007 - Saturday

  Barsuk Records to Release About A Son Soundtrack

Big doings from Seattle, where super indie Barsuk Records announces the September release of the all-star About A Son soundtrack on the eve of the film's NW premiere at SIFF 2007. Here's the article from Pitchfork announcing the album:

New music from Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie, as well as unearthed audio excerpts of interviews with Nirvana's Kurt Cobain will appear on the soundtrack to the film About a Son, based on interviews with Cobain conducted by journalist/Come As You Are scribe Michael Azerrad.

Cobain's contemporaries Mudhoney, the Melvins, Mark Lanegan, and more, contribute previously released tracks, as do Cobain favorites like Iggy Pop, R.E.M., Half Japanese, David Bowie, and Leadbelly. The soundtrack is set for release September 11 from Barsuk.

Along with the soundtrack songs, the film features an original score by Ben Gibbard and producer Steve Fisk.

The documentary itself-- combining excerpts from the taped interviews with footage shot in the Pacific Northwest by director AJ Schnack-- will be released sometime in the fall with a DVD release to follow shortly thereafter.

About a Son:

01 Steve Fisk & Ben Gibbard - "Overture"
02 "Never Intended" [interview excerpt]
03 Arlo Guthrie - "Motorcycle Song"
04 The Melvins - "Eye Flys"
05 "Punk Rock" [interview excerpt]
06 Bad Brains - "Banned In D.C."
07 Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Up Around the Bend"
08 Half Japanese - "Put Some Sugar On It"
09 The Vaselines - "Son of a Gun"
10 Butthole Surfers - "Graveyard"
11 "Hardcore Was Dead" [interview excerpt]
12 Scratch Acid - "Owner's Lament"
13 Mudhoney - "Touch Me I'm Sick"
14 "Car Radio" [interview excerpt]
15 Iggy Pop - "The Passenger"
16 Leadbelly - "The Bourgeois Blues"
17 R.E.M. - "New Orleans Instrumental No. 1"
18 "The Limelight" [interview excerpt]
19 David Bowie - "The Man Who Sold The World"
20 Mark Lanegan - "Museum"
21 Ben Gibbard - "Indian Summer"


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