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Melvins Show Reviews / Aug 16, 2018 Echoplex - Melvins and Boris
« on: March 23, 2018, 10:47:36 AM »
I know it's early, I just can't stop typing Melvins and Boris.

Melvins Discussion / Fickle Finger of Fate Poster
« on: January 31, 2018, 10:41:59 AM »
100 available through Joyful Noise, seven signed by The Man himself and distributed randomly:

$25 each + shipping

Melvins Discussion / BASH-13 Shirts On Sale Now!
« on: January 22, 2018, 02:27:47 PM »
To celebrate the four-and-a-halfth anniversary of BASH-13, they've found some old stock, so if you missed one and you're a weird size:

Melvins Discussion / HAZE XXL Button Set
« on: December 12, 2017, 11:34:05 AM »
From Amrep Facebook:

Tomorrow (Wed. 13) we're gonna have the ultimate stocking stuffer. HAZE XXL button set on a silk screened holder, signed numbered edition of 50. You're expected to wear them on your bare chest MC5 style.

Melvins Discussion / Love & Death X-mas Bundle
« on: December 06, 2017, 01:12:58 PM »

Melvins Discussion / At A Crawl on October's Mojo Magazine CD
« on: November 10, 2017, 11:30:47 AM »

Melvins Show Reviews / Australian Tour Reviews
« on: November 08, 2017, 10:49:48 AM »
¡sʍǝıʌǝɹ ǝɯos ǝʌɐɥ s,ʇǝן ¡ɐıןɐɹʇsnɐ 'uo ǝɯoɔ

Melvins Show Reviews / 19 Oct - Oslo, Bla
« on: October 22, 2017, 05:16:36 AM »
Grim, I'm on my fourth Negroni at the moment, but I'll get a review written asap  :D

Melvins Discussion / Dale Crover/Deerhoof split 7"
« on: October 12, 2017, 04:29:15 PM »
From Joyful Noise:

October's 7" Single is the latest installment from our Cause & Effect series, and it's a doozy... a limited split 7" from Dale Crover & Deerhoof! When we asked Deerhoof if they wanted to share a split with one of their influences, we honestly didn't expect Greg Saunier to hit us back immediately requesting to do the split with his "absolute hero" Dale Crover. The influence of course makes sense, but somehow in our minds, Deerhoof and the Melvins seemed to occupy polar artistic existences... So it's a real amazing moment to be able to bring these two brilliant entities together.

This 7" is limited to 1000 copies on split color clear/black vinyl, with screen-printed artwork. For the Deerhoof side, the band contributed an outtake from their classic album, Reveille. For the Dale side, we've got "Tiny Dirt" - an outtake / alternate track from Dale's recently released album The Fickle Finger Of Fate.

Melvins Show Reviews / Friday the 13th - Birmingham
« on: October 12, 2017, 04:18:46 PM »
Wagon & Horses for some pints and a chip butty beforehand. Adderley Street.

Melvins Discussion / Gluey Porch Treatments reissue
« on: October 06, 2017, 10:58:50 AM »

Melvins Show Reviews / 03 Oct - Flagstaff, AZ
« on: September 27, 2017, 11:00:51 AM »
Meez, you going? There've been no reports for a fortnight, we're relying on you.

Melvins Discussion / Dale's favourite drummers
« on: September 26, 2017, 11:24:29 AM »

In July 2017, veteran Washington State sludgemasters The Melvins unleashed their 26th album (and a double, to boot), A Walk with Love & Death. At the time of its release, we gave you a thorough introduction to their extended family; now, with his debut solo album, The Fickle Finger of Fate, out this month, drummer Dale Crover has created a special Dowsers playlist celebrating his kings of the kit.

“Here’s a playlist I made of some of my favorite drummers. I left off the obvious. There’s no Bonham, Moon, Charlie, or Ringo on the list. All of these songs/drummers have had a big influence on my playing. Even though none of these songs date past the 1980s, I can still listen to them to this day and get excited. Enjoy!”—Dale Crover

1. Judas Priest, “Exciter” (Unleashed in the East version)
Drummer: Les Binks

2. The Jimi Hendrix Experience, “Little Miss Lover”
Drummer: Mitch Mitchell

3. Black Flag, “Slip it In”
Drummer: Bill Stevenson

4. Blondie, “Dreaming”
Drummer: Clem Burke

5. The Stooges, “Dirt”
Drummer: Scott Asheton

6. Gang Of Four, “He’d Send In The Army”
Drummer: Hugo Burnham

7. Alice Cooper. “Public Animal #9”
Drummer: Neal Smith

8. The Sweet, “Sweet FA”
Drummer: Mick Tucker

9. Deep Purple, “Fireball”
Drummer: Ian Paice

10. Iron Maiden, “Murders In the Rue Morgue”
Drummer: Clive Burr

11. Kiss, “Parasite”
Drummer: Peter Criss

12. Mountain, “Never In My Life”
Drummer: Corky Laing

13. Cactus, “Evil”
Drummer: Carmine Appice

14. Black Sabbath, “Turn Up The Night”
Drummer: Vinnie Appice

15. Jeff Beck Group, “Shapes Of Things”
Drummer: Mickey Waller

Melvins Show Reviews / 05 Sep 2017 - Phoenix, Crescent Ballroom
« on: September 05, 2017, 12:45:33 PM »
PLEASE - a full round-up of the evening's events AND a thorough going-over of every inch of Walsby's Table.

Thank you in advance.

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