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The Melvins strike again.

They came, they saw, they conquered. And sailed off into the night lights like the Crimson Permanent Assurance.

yet another scorching and devastatingly relentless Blow has been scored by this menace.

They took the Stage by Storm and Just owned it, Killed and totally dominated like always. Before I knew what hit me, they Launched it right into Hag me like establishing a well executed invasion.

A legendary Show, LEGENDARY.

You watch, and still wonder if it is actually real, Like its as good as you imagine its going to be but even better than you can imagine.

Buzz was Just mind-blowing, absolutely Incredible to watch, moved and played so well that words cannot Describe it.

Lightning and heavy thunder Struck afterwards as the crowd poured into the Street like a powerful Omen of things to come. Streets were all washed by the falling rain as I suspected would be the case, The next morning the weather was clear and the air was cooler and a nice wind had set in.   Got back home in time Just to make it to work, and for all I could do washing dishes on the busiest nights of the year, I still wouldnt have been able to keep up with this band on stage.

I have to say that my head is simply Throbbing from enduring the ordeal in all its Glory.

Buzz and Jeff had moments on stage that remind me of the way ZZ-Top would move. My brother was with me the whole time. after, I Asked what he thought Of the Singer-Guitarist-Pianist of Le Bucherettes and he Was intrigued how She was watching the Melvins Play from the side of the stage and dancing and moving, and even flipped the bird to a kid who got up centre stage to Try to Crowd surf! All you saw was a middle finger from behind the curtain stick out after that.

During Fascists eat Donuts she came out and sang into the Mic with Buzz and Hopped around and shook it up. My brother said she was like a wild Cave woman  :lol: she threw herself around in a barrage of petite finesse and stood behind Jeff and held her arms out like a pair of Wings as he finished off the set with his Delay swells on bass.
Who was this mystery Woman in the Red Dress Channeling into Jello, and Elvis a bit even..WOW Can she EVER WAIL on vocals, wow..WOW..and WOW! Glad I grabber their CD too!!! Dont be CHEAP!

Dale Slammed His Sticks at the end, and they flew like no rapper could drop the mic as bad ass as this mofo.


Dale was pushing hard, Driving himself beyond human capacity, he simply is an unstoppable Machine.

This Set Has DRIVE and POWER.

The Vocals were Divine and sibilant, The sound man was on his A-Game, and The whole night went off without a hitch.

Again, Jeff and Buzz Gelled together like ZZ-TOP on stage at some points.

The crowd was well tempered, and make no mistake, It was an Excellent Turnout.

someone did Get their asses hauled out by Security two thirds of the way through the Non-stop Set.

8 Dollar Tall cans were a good thing in a sense that not too many people got Roaringly Intoxicated.

The first thing that happened as I got to the show was spot Mr. Walsby at first pass ( As I was sharking) out front..and forgot who I was in that moment..(sorry for Chatting up your Fresh-air break sir, felt I was not an attentive listener, I know I struggle in conversations with people Im Happy to see! but have never met, especially Artists who I like as an art guy myself, I dont meet many Artists, especially whose Artwork I recognize and resonate with, and reflect upon the  Clever humor.)

I dropped $200 smackers at the Merch Table straight up and Brians Canuck biased melvins artwork was so friggin AWESOME, I couldnt pick or choose so he pulled one of the Gene Simmons Police story ones from under the table and of course It was REALLY good too!!! I was elated!!! Thank you so much!!! Its going to be framed next to a picture of Buzz who is like Mein Fuhrer, It was so Awesome they finally smuggled some Wicked Merch up north. I got in line again, appealed to Brian do me a favour and give Jeff one of my home-made Squadron hats (to which he was thoroughly glad to do, and said he will make sure he gets it for me! Thanks again! Outstanding!) There wasnt much time to chat so Hopefully some of the information will get through to Jeff about the origins of that LONG out of Production hat, Its basically an unobtanium pattern, I wonder if he will dig it, it is a good colour like his Trusty *timeworn* baseball hat* which he briefly removed in salute as he made his exit that night.

I did Bring a GOLF BALL for Buzz, and in hopes I might get him to sign one for me too same with the Hold it in Album but there was no opportunity, Not at the big venues like this anyway..I realize that. He darted out the front door and across the Street, and people Cheered and I applauded him proudly.

THANK YOU FOR PLAYING FOR US in the great white north once again, coming up here and showing us how its done, I am sincerely Grateful. 

(As for the hat for Jeff) : Its a 1950s Type B-1 Flying Cap, for colder weather, Made as close to spec. as I could do using recycled Material. Its a scrappy one for sure. 4-pannel Design (no smartie on top for comfort while wearing headphones so its ideal for Recording studio Hang time) Hope it Fits, and it should have a yellow 96 on the front and also a small patch on the side for the Air Refueling Squadron. And it will last a lifetime, but its not perfect and will fly off your head though, so it needs headphones to keep it on in a serious wind.

Pics soon, Dumpster is Tired.

didnt bump into any of you goobs....disappointed, oh well, more beer for me.

Melvins RULE, you do not.

I confess I bootlegged this on a cassette for posterity and also my own personal Enjoyment, It turned out really great because the sound was done so Well, I told the sound engineer that it was awesome sound..TWICE!!! once for each band, it was exceptionally well done! Its audible, lo-fi to say the least but Distinguished and tolerable due to the prowess of the sound boardsmen, yes, I will make a---- Free--- copy to anyone who missed out *cough cough*Conda *Huagh*

Hope to see you next time boys!!!


What a great show.

Melvins Discussion / Errand boys.
« on: October 19, 2014, 05:13:57 PM »
Sent by grocery clerks to collect the bill.

welcome to the melvins army maggot.

 basically The whole point of the band originally was to be a band instead of be working with people like Melvin all day 9-5.


Im glad they both recognized this, made the consious Decision to do that instead of Joining a goddamn Union.

 Owe it all to Melvin* himself to have pissed everyone off so much at work to make them decide Fuck it, lets go for broke man! we can Just join the union if it all fucks up I guess, at least we know what going down that road is like...lets take the one weve never been down instead.

It means follow your dream work together, because if not, even the fun things you like doing in life become a Chore as much as your shitty Job.

It was not easy but let the band show you how its done to lead by your own example.


Melvins Discussion / Willis and Warren
« on: October 19, 2014, 05:38:36 AM »
A Lot of people arent fully sold on These members of the band even now, but I mean Only because they are such a Close match to being equally heavy on their own.

honestly They worked their butts off and made it happen and the hard work paid off, Earned their place to play in the Melvins, who obviously have a good ear for talent, you dont pass that Just dont do it.

Remember what a dream come true these two boys are to this band.

It was probly one of the best things to happen to the melvins, saved the day. 

Lately Ive been playing the Big Biz Tour EP II and It Rules Ok. Its fucking badass heavy as hell, better *sounding* than their produced Albums in my oppinion...not that its better or worse, Just my ear likes the Cut and dry over the Glossy stock in the Full-lengths. 

That EP is a Gem in my CD collection.

Kevin had left the Melvins and that could have been a near case of;  All She wrote for a minute there.

Buzz was asked about that in a recent interview and made me realize Just how the whole Rutabega Rottenhaus thing went over for the band after youve Just put out some of your very best work to date.


Realize that without Big-biz to Breathe a new wind into the bands sails and help chart a new heading...that a lot of Great stuff you are now listening to was potentially like the Family photo from back to the future Starting to fade out of existance for a minute or two even. (not that the band would have been done completely at that point or anything by and stretch)

  things may have gone in a way different direction than they took.

Look at how its Turned a fresh chapter for the band and allowed all the things that are happening now to happen.

Thank you Coady and Danger bass PLayin Daddy Jare.

We love you and miss you!!!

War on Wisdom is one of my top very most fav Melvins tunes ever ever.


Melvins Discussion / POST MELVINS VINYL HERE
« on: November 20, 2013, 09:49:21 PM »
You got anything nice in the mail you bought yourself lately.  :?:

Melvins Discussion / If The Melvins Opened up their own Restaurant
« on: July 23, 2013, 08:06:03 AM »
It needs a catchy name. (Colossus Of Destiny* is not bad, either That Or Buzzo-king  :lol:)   

and of course it needs a cleverly titled menu with all the fixins.

Specials, and custom Melvins themed decor.

I could name some items off the menu, but lets see if you can Read my mind.

 Expand on this!

...*note* yes I realize I spelled Restraunt bad.

Melvins Discussion / Bingo Bongo Bango
« on: November 07, 2012, 02:17:31 AM »
whats all the stuff That dale says on that Track...

He always says something Different Since the houdini Live but I still have trouble following what hes talking about mostly.

Melvins Discussion / Melvins LP Purchase-Tape-pass it on project
« on: August 26, 2012, 07:46:08 AM »
since I cannot afford the high price of LPS by the melvins, I think I have to at least give this a shot;

Ebay, god I hate you.

what I beleive may work is that I will have to pay at least 100 bucks for a Melvins LP, Tape it to a cassette and basically RE-SELL the fucking thing to float the next LP purchase of ebay.

God It has come down to this finally.

look what You make me become!!!

I will start with that batch of HAT singles, they are going to be put on tape and re-sold at the same price I payed.

That will be how I gotta get all the LPS I havent had a chance to enjoy.

This is not fucking going to be an easy thing for me. but I want melvins vinyl and I have no fucking money.

I cant beleive the guy whos gonna buy a sealed STAG LP for 300 bucks...what the fuck.

His whole hi-fi system probly isnt even worth HALF that!!!

the god-damn Irony is what kills me.

anyone interested in this please help me network and figure out how I can do this.

I DO make GOOD cassettes man, I just dont want you to start calling me Pinkyslim because Im flipping melvins records to feed my melvins addiction.

I think its actually a good idea if you cant afford the high prices.

buy the vinyl, make a couple Cassette copies and sell it back as fast as you got it.

do you think It could work..  :facepalm:

Melvins Discussion / Whos Holding!!!
« on: August 23, 2012, 01:15:56 AM »
Melvins cassettes.

I used to see them more frequnetly on ebay, now it looks like the past coupe of years things are beggining to get leaner.


I mean, in 2004 or 5 I got 2 Sealed GPTs for like 4 bucks a pop!

This is sad times to be a dumpster brother.

I recently watched The decline of western civilization and notice that the Black flag guitar (not sure what it is, it looks like the Ibanez iceman from the 70s..the clear one with the taped up humbucker) Looks almost identical to the one Buzz whipped out on the last track of The Salad of a thousand Delights show, would I be wrong to assume he aquired it from whats the guys name again...dang...Dez..or something..from Black Flag...

either way please fill me in on that guitar because I think its got a friggin SOUND.

wonder...Anyway, thought this would make a good thread starter for the topic of Gear used and endorsed by the melvins. 

I like Details about who what where when why etc...for example questions such as;

when did Buzz get his first guitar, how much and where...(I know more personal details about Nirvana Bio shit than any oldschool Melvins Nostalgia, just because of all the Fame and books written on Kurt *ahem* shitty movie* , not that Im a follower or have read any Nirvana Bios ever, but bandmates and friends used to tell me stuff from the books)

back to This Arbitrary melvins Discussion;

when did he score that Les paul and why a les paul etc...WHY sunn amps and why certain effects and so on.

what was dales Reaction to dave Grohl totally rocking the Big drumkit too.  :?

I am Fascinated by their gear selection and would like to know more interesting things about The different stuff and setups they have used from time to time. ( Theres probly been other threads about this stuff but damned IF I can find what Im lookin for)

Like that guitar in the revolve video, What attatchents does Buzz have for his guitars...

maybe you have some pictures of just melvins Gear, I think It deserves its own thread here for sure!!!

Melvins Discussion / Dales Vocals
« on: July 15, 2012, 12:41:32 AM »
Technically this should have been just a comment in the freak puke thread, but Im listening to A GROWING DISGUST back to back and Its hotter than the devils balls.

I hear a big heavy chunk in the last third of the song with mostly Dale up front on vocals. (I think) Its pretty un-mistakable.

I Really like how dale does his vocals. They totally make that part. and its very very very Melvins.

This point I need to mention what Trevor is doing when the track goes into the heavy breakdown, nice take.

Then Dales vocals come in after a bit, and he kills it on the heavy part at the end! I Love hearing dale on vocals like that..good good call!

It makes the whole track, I think I hear the other guys too but it could be dales overdub too.

I just wanted to big that up because It really works

Im liking freak puke a little too much right now. its very very...

Melvins Discussion / CANADIAN MAGGOTS FALL IN!
« on: April 30, 2012, 11:25:27 PM »
I just find it hard to believe the determination of the Melvins once again.

I want to wish them well on their summer tour, that nothing may go wrong and smooth sailing etc...

CONGRATS to the hardened-most thick skinned bunch of boys. you're Driven by some Un-earthly Insanity.

They should recycle the sweat from this tour and sell it off as over-priced Boutique quality "product colonge"

That stuff would be so strong and powerfull, I'd probly be Hunted down and raped by a crocodile for just having one drop of that stuff on my sorry person. Probly would cure Anything that ails ya!

 or just KILL YA dead!

Again, the two words best fit for describing the 50 day tour, is "TESTICULAR FORTITUDE"

I don't know how they do it, I don't WANT to know.

I'm just gratefull they are dropping by us Canucks for a little while...I'm putting the word out.

We need to saturate these shows guys, Come on HOSERS!

I call upon thee, dogsled, snow-shoe...cross-country ski, Ice-skate your way to these shows...damn it, Buy 20 records at the show AND SMASH THEM ALL!!! OOOhhh-PAAAAA!!!

That is how much I LOVE THIS BAND!!!

if you are Canadian, FALL IN!!!

Don't ask me why, but I was in HMV today and I paused for a while in the "books" section..

Something caught my eye..It was called "dirty" blonde" and I was like..."ohhh noo"

I found myself talking outloud, uttering things and stating this is going too far. What next?

but NO, don't ask me what prompted me to stoop down and pick this awfull thing up and hold it in my hands in all it's Vile and putrid begrimed Canticles.

I threw up in my mouth a little.  :-&  As I flipped a few pages, it hit me like a hammer.

The book was almost an EXACT CLONE of "NEITHER HERE NOR THERE" pound for pound!!!

Now, You TELL ME!!!

It's nothing new to these Beloved Melvins that everyone took a huge bite of their GLory pie...and kicked sand in their eyes, and ran off with their Credit...and also helped themselves to a nice stack of  easy $$$ by Drafting OUR favourite band, as Buzz and Dale Cleared the artistic path for everyone else to sneak up behind them, and give them the Cold shaft.

It can't be as bad as all that right? I mean at this point in time, that's like so SO LOW of a blow, It's almost REDUNDANT..even for this four think I'm losing my last nerve..I must have missed something. This would be JUST TOO obvious. TOO EASY...

It HAS to be the Same publisher and group of people who made this book from a set of "templates" or something to save money. It's too close to the Melvins book for my comfort level. It CAN'T be she is just trying to Make money The Easy way, no wait...My head is spinning..This is seriously mind-fucking my life.


I couldn't go through the whole thing, I just briefly flipped through. The writing and art and photos were pretty, um Well I'm not reviewing this, it's not fit for asswipe.

It IS one and the same as "NEITHER HERE NOR THERE" It is utter RAPE!!!

HELP ME!!! MY MIND!!! MY FRAGILE PSYCHE IS JUST ABOUT TO IMPLODE, Save my mortal soul!!! I must escape this conundrum of Shit.

Melvins Discussion / Who owns this?
« on: February 28, 2012, 02:35:20 PM »
I found this and It looks like It was someone's AV maybe?

I gotta ask if anyone has info.

I thought I saws it someplace years ago, gotta admit it's cool.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Melvins Discussion / You don't like the melvins, we can't be friends.
« on: January 14, 2012, 02:11:14 PM »

Dumpster diver has ZERO friends!

Melvins Discussion / Misheard Melvins Lyrics
« on: November 14, 2011, 09:56:12 PM »
Once I lent my Houdini Cd to my guitarist back in Highschool and he brought it back the next week singing Hooch, and he had me in stitches.

The line I think was "Master a load a head"

and he was singing it in Buzz's voice like "MAH ASS HAS GOT A LOAD OF HAIR"

It STILL cracks me up 10 years later.

You got any good ones?  :lol:

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