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This was a great show. I think the set list was very similar to what people have posted for other shows on this tour.
They opened with Flipper's Sacrifice played at medium tempo.    The surprise for me was the cover of the Beatles
song, (was it She Loves You (?) I have already forgotten.
 The trio is very tight. This was the first time I had seen Steven on bass in this configuration, he was fun.
The show lacked some of the epic intensity of the Big Biz Melvins, but still a pretty enjoyable set.  Dale rocked hard

Melvins Discussion / Where are the Melvins playing for New Years?
« on: November 21, 2014, 02:00:07 PM »
anyone have a clue? many thanks

this was an awesome show. Forget about asking me for the set list. My mind does  not work that way and I am sure various Judge Judies who view this site will have all the details.  He started out playing 3 Melvins songs, the first was Boris. It was killer, you could actually make out the lyrics. Then he played several songs from his new record. I admit to being skeptical as to why a rock n roll god like Buzz was doing a solo acoustic  tour (WTF????) but this was an awesome show. Even when he plays acooustic it sounds like  hard rock.  I was totally won over, as was everyone else. It was like  seeing Son House or Lead Belly play,   

Just got an email announcing this event, apparently with short sets by Melvins, Hepatitis etc

Silly question, I know, how fun would it be to pull up to the Melvins show in exotic locales like
Caspar WY? I am studying the map and seeing what dates look good,,,alfunso

The juciest bit so far (around page 127) has Buzz and Dale hanging out with Shirley Temple. Shirley tap dances for them, and makes a statement to the effect that tap dancing could be likened to a "form of percussion"[sic].  Buzz: "it was David Lynch weird."  And then this by Frank Kozik (poster artist; video director)
  "I remember when I first got a hold of the Melvins OZMA record, and I was like, "This band is fucking brutal!" and they came to play at this tiny club in Austin called Cave Club, and I did this shitty black and white xerox for it. I'd never seen a picture of them. Buzz comes out, and he has this huge hairdoo, and I was like, "What the fuck, who is this faggot-looking dude? What is this the opening band?" He looks like some reject guy from the Cure or something. But it was him, and they rocked, and I was blown away." 
  [the scumbag does not include set list, can you imagine?]

Usually there are shows in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, etc or will they be too wiped after the long tour in Europe to get out of bed?  any theories? rumors? upcoming dates? thanks ,,,,Alfunso

Melvins Discussion / the floppy infant
« on: January 25, 2011, 02:27:32 PM »
Hello I am starting this new discussion where melvins fans can suggest song titles, names for new box sets, limited edition sneakers and etc. I believe  "the floppy infant" conveys that certain someting that spells M-E-L-..Alfunso

I had been on the look out for a New Years Eve show. I guess  New Years will be a little late this year,  thats  ok, My Mayan Calender Stop Watch has been running a little slow as of late,,Alfunso

Melvins Discussion / Has anyone heard about a Melvins New Years Show?
« on: November 11, 2010, 03:48:45 PM »
Just curious,,alfunso

Melvins Show Reviews / San Francrisco show
« on: September 20, 2010, 02:34:30 PM »
They played a lot of the new record interspersed with covers: Ramones 'Pinhead' and Flipper's Sacrifice.  it was rock n roll heaven, the sound quality was great, Totimoshi opened with a very tight set.


the Blizzard of Oz
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