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Melvins Show Reviews / July 9 2017 - Goldfield in Sacramento
« on: July 10, 2017, 03:24:39 PM »
It's that wonderful annual evening where I get to see this band of lovable weirdos...

If I'm only catching one gig on a tour, and I have the chance between seeing the Melvins in Sacramento, or the Great American Music Hall in SF, I'd usually choose the latter. My Mondays at work are far easier than my Tuesdays, and my girlfriend and I have a few friends in Sacramento that we hadn't seen in awhile, so we decided to head north to make a weekend out of it. We told one of our friends that we were making this voyage, and she decided to come with. It's always a pleasure taking the uninitiated to a Melvins gig!

After spending a day on the Sacramento River, we made our way to Goldfield. I'd never been there - it's like a redneck all-American bar with hunting paraphernalia everywhere, and the American flag painted on the wall behind the stage. The stage is pretty fuckin' small, and the place was packed on a sweltering evening - there were sweaty bro's everywhere. Holy shit, I always forget that Sacramento is a bro epicenter! I came across Idle, gave him a brief hello, and made my way to check out Spotlights.

Spotligjhts was good. I didn't know their material at all. They kinda reminded me of the Deftones for some reason. My only complaint was that the vocals were barely in the mix. Otherwise, cool set! I'm gonna have to check out their studio work in the near future. The Melvins came on around 9:30, and killed it as usual. I'm digging this setlist - it's heavy in that early material (pun intended)! I've also gotta say that I really like Mr. McDonald's stage presence. I saw Red Kross at Burger Boogaloo last week as well, and the dude is just fun to watch... I think he brings an energy to this band that's fresh, and Buzz and Dale look like their enjoying themselves more than I've really seen in the past. Not to mention, the dude is a seriously talented bass player.

Merch is killer - There's lots of letterpress stuff out there, and a Suicide in Progress 7" that was sold for $35. I picked up the golden, signed tour copy of Love and Death for $50. I haven't even had a chance to look at it... I got home at one AM and was up at five for work. I'm gonna head home in an hour and give that puppy a spin.

My uninitiated friend is officially initiated. She dug it! Good show, y'all. As usual, you guys are in for a treat.

Melvins Album Discussion / FANTOMAS MELVINS BIG BAND DVD LONDON 2006
« on: September 22, 2009, 12:30:52 AM »
i may be drunk, but im still floored. i have three different favorite live bands... SC3, melvins, and fantomas. two outta three aint bad.

strange to think that this DVD came out over a year ago and i just saw it. im feeling hyperactive and disgruntled at the same time and im happy to be in the middle of nowhere. thoughts?


Melvins Show Reviews / melvins 8/7/09 blank club san jose
« on: August 08, 2009, 06:29:03 AM »
what an awesome night. its 5 am. and i just got home. so, now its time for a review!,

i headed towards san jose with 2 friends at around 6. we stopped by the best burrito shop ever on the way. we parked walked to a liquor store, chugged a beer, and got in line. luckily, some friends were already there, and we got a spot near the front of the line. :-D

there were no special guests as advertised.... just MELVINS. 2 sets. a setlist that could kill.

so all four came out, buzz told a story about how their new sound guy got swept up in a coke scandal, and he had just showed up. they had to do a quick impromptu sound check, jared sang the theme song to wkrp cincinatti, and they played "the smiling cobra and left the stage. 30 minutes or so later, buzz and dale came beck out and played as a duet. i cant remember much of the set list, but they ended it with skin horse. this flowed into the main riff from POTRE, then they played the talking horse, then they went into the part of POTRE that has lyrics. it was fucking stunning.

other songs that i can remember:
they covered mr dna by DEVO!
night goat
the bit
billy fish
suicide in progress
im drunk, tired and drawing a blank.

the show ended at 1230. we went to a local bar, drank more, and danced til 2. went to a friends house, and drank more. got breakfast, and now im home.

i almost forgot! merch:
devil t shirt
a new t shirt with that WWII eagle that buzz made a gig poster out of recently
gig poster that had a velvet graphic on it. shirts were $20, poster was $10.

hopefully someone will help me fill in the setlist gaps.

Melvins Discussion / the melvins are super bad ass.
« on: May 12, 2009, 04:11:58 AM »
i came home earlier this evening with a high that consisted of a cocktail of intoxicants. i slapped on some headphones, and listened to a decent chunk of the melvins discography. ive been stuck on (A)SA and nude with boots for some time, and havent given everything else the attention they deserve.

in short.... best. band. ever.

so now i make this thread. why do you think the melvins are super bad ass? what are your fond memories involve this band? how many of you lost your virginity with dale crover pounded a beat in the background?

a fond memory of mine? while working in the pro audio department at a guitar center, i was stuck working on setting up displays until the wee hours of the morning. i ran stoner witch through the room with all of the live sound equipment at around 90 dB. that was probably the most fun ive ever had while getting paid.

run with it.

Melvins Discussion / kevin rutmanis?
« on: December 19, 2007, 09:39:21 PM »
has anyone heard anything about the whereabouts of this bass slingin' wierdo? is he off tweeking in the woods? dead in his polka dot boxers? i always figured that hed still have a part in tomahawk and the like, but theres a no show.

maybe he found a woman, that was bigger and hairier than buzz himself.

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