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Melvins Discussion / HAT 7" B-sides- great 'new' mp3's
« on: November 05, 2006, 02:13:03 AM »
hey all,
anyone interested in really good 'new' mp3's of the HAT 7" B-sides?

let me know if you are cos i recently sold my 'spare' set to jasonpc who ripped them and sent me the mp3's via yousendit, so i can probably send them on like that if anyone (Vinnie?) wants to host them on their site or whatever :wink:

hey all,
can someone that's going to one of these US shows do me a massive favour and grab me the pigskin/starve already 7"s if there is any left?

i would love to get them if i can, but ebay bidders for the few i've seen on there seem to be able to afford/willing to pay a shitload more for them than me and i've just read a post in another thread by mopafeena saying there'll be no melvins magic for us in australia again this tour- even though there probably wouldn't be any of the 7"s left by the time they did anyway!

if you may be able to help me out, email: :wink:

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