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sure why the hell not. the Ballroom is a pretty decent venue. saw Buzz there on his solo tour and been there on a few other occasions.

the place was pretty packed, big line for the merch table before the doors opened, but they had a decent selection. wouldve bought a GPT shirt, but they didnt have my size... all i wound up spending money on was the two of the Walsby family jewelry pieces. those were cool.

Le Butcherettes killed it. not a dry pair of pants in the house id guess. videos dont do them justice. live they are fantastic.

i guess that was Voidmanes that came out (un-introduced) and preceded the Melvins? started out cool, got old after a few minutes. shit was loud. cant say i loved it.

MELVINS came out and crushed souls from the first note... Hag me, right? fucking heavy. so good. the setlist was kind of hit and miss for me honestly. the stuff i wanted to hear was some of the best shit i have ever seen live, and some of the stuff like a few of the covers and the middle section of The Water Glass were not nearly as exciting. James Gang cover was great though. Bull and Bees shit was fucking amazing as usual. Your Blessened, etc. the good was so good it heavily outweighed the less than stellar picks.

Pinkus has secured a spot in my heart as an official Melvin. He has really settled into the role and was great. Dale and Buzz were amazing as always. the band was very tight and had some serious groove going on. really good shit.

my ears didnt even ring for that long after. next morning i was feeling good. overall a really good night!


oh yes.

What are the chances of seeing the Melvins catalog re-issued on vinyl? Specifically the Trilogy.


Very good chances.

Will the Fantomas albums ever be released on vinyl?


Good question. Yes, they will. We are working on a top secret box set with a special treat included

Any plans on some new Fantomas? Also I'm just gonna pitch this idea here... convince Mike to work with Bohren and der Club of Gore ;)


Bohren are easily one of my all time faves! There will be more Fantômas!


Sorry, no idea when there will be new Fantômas or Peeping Tom. No idea what the status of Crudo is. Neither does Mike.

looks like some good news!

kinda vague on if there will actually be any new Fantomas released....

edit: actually reading more, looks like there will most likely be new Fantomas at some point in the future according to Greg, just no concrete dates on when. great to hear it's pretty much happening eventually though!

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