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Melvins Lyrics & Tabs / Playing With Teeth Question
« on: August 17, 2016, 12:53:58 PM »
The tabs I find for this are often wrong, especially if you watch Buzz play it. It seems like he takes the C from fret 3 and bringsa it up to a single string , muted noise riff on fret 10 (a string). But unlike the tabs that move you from fret 3 to fret 2 (power chord), going down from the a string 10th fret to 9th fret doesn;t sound right. Anyone know what he's doing here to make the b chord part of that riff?

Melvins Discussion / MIA songs that need a return to the setlist.
« on: August 17, 2016, 12:45:48 PM »
Here's where you post the songs you haven't heard in a while--or ever--that you'd love to see Melvins tackle again as part of their regular setlist.

Mine at the moment:

- Manky
- A Suicide in Progress
- Evil New War God
- Cow
- Honey Bucket
- amazon
- Warhead (Venom cover)
- See How Pretty, See How Smart
- Blood Witch

Melvins Discussion / BB Era Tracks You Want Back in the Setlists
« on: June 29, 2016, 02:09:52 PM »
I know with each album/tour cycle its easy to get worn out on some of the material, but then with time you realize how killer those tunes were to begin with. Or maybe you just really miss these jams?

I'll vote for two:

Blood Witch
A Suicide in Progress

Bring these back plz k thx bye.

Melvins Discussion / Pick the best Melvins release of the last ten years
« on: November 14, 2015, 12:18:53 PM »
This thread has a selfish motivation--and maybe even a controversial one. I'll fall on an unpopular position here and assert I've not been truly thrilled about a Melvins release since Nude with Boots--the reason here being that Suicide in Progress was a total rock music revelation to me when I first heard it, and I sincerely hope that song will make it back into the setlists some day soon. Now, I also have to admit to having not heard Freak Puke, Tres Cabrones, Everyone Likes Sausages, or the Bulls and the Bees ep. I mean, I know I've heard tracks, and have probably enjoyed them--but I guess nothing moved me directly into digging through those releases with serious attention. Last Melvins record I bought on release day? Bride Screamed Murder, an album I don't really care about at all. I had a similar experience with Hold it In. I really wanted to like it, but so much of it struck me as "meh" at best. I could offer all of the usual disclaimers about "meh" Melvins being better than most other bands, and the meh albums not being bad by any stretch, etc. etc. etc. but fuck that. I LOVE certain Melvins material. Like adore it more than most music love it. So, I feel like giving mediocre a pass is sort of beside the point. With that said, I always thought the records themselves (with a few exceptions of course: Lysol, Stoner Witch, Bullhead, The Maggot, Egg Nog) were sort of hit and miss with me anyways--and my most direct love for the band comes from watching them play the material live. So, I might perhaps just be the wrong audience--I dunno. With that in mind, I'd like to hear which of the albums you folks would select as the "best" of the last ten years so that I can either revisit or listen for the first time with fresh ears.

Have at it.

Melvins Discussion / If the Melvins did another "full album" tour
« on: August 15, 2015, 04:36:21 PM »
If the Melvins did another "full album" tour ala the Residency gigs, what albums would you have them play?

My vote goes to the entire Trilogy with new interpretations on Crybaby stuff.

Wishful thinking, but man this would be cool.

Melvins Discussion / The Melvins' best "Guitar" album
« on: December 05, 2014, 07:29:26 PM »
Seems like a weird topic, I suppose--especially since the songwriter is the guitarist and most likely writes with that instrument in mind...BUT I feel as though some of the Melvins' releases are not really as aimed at gratifying the air guitarist in you as others (Bride Screamed Murder is one of those releases imo). Which of their many albums really hits that need?

For my vote--I'm going with either Maggot or Eggnog. Heaviest most scathing guitar tunes in their deck. Hog Leg alone can have the trophy, but I have to be fair to AMAZON, See How Pretty See How Smart, and Antioxidote.

So I was making my daily commute from Rochester MN to La Crosse WI, and I had this weird moment where Manky came on and I was sure that my transmission was going out (recall the rising sound prior to the start of the actual song?)--and since it's only been a week since I coughed up $650 to fix the ignition, I nearly started to weep with relief when I recognized that indeed it was my stereo and not my deathbox shitting the bed on me. I've not been that relieved in a really long time.

But, yeah, Maggot is probs my fave Melvins record, for what it's worth...

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