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um, yes, I was saying thank you for replying.

I was told only 50 were made and the only info I've ever found online said the same. If you are right, then I suppose 200 still makes them pretty rare. Thanks for the input:)

Hey Everyone, I was told by Jules that this would be a great place to sell some of my Melvins collectibles that were given to me by Kevin Rutmanis...I've been meaning to post for awhile but keep getting sidetracked:) So I have 2 Melvins zippos, mint condition. Exactly the same. Never used, never opened with safety sticker still in place. There were only 50 made. I also have a Melvins pin that is made of a clear domed plastic that has a screw and two candy corns "trapped" inside with a Melvins background.  The pin is missing the pin back, but it looks to have been just glued on anyway, so it should be no problem to pick one up at the craftstore. I also have an item that is not a Melvins item, but a collectible Qee doll that was signed by the artist to Kevin "Fuck Kevin". The zippos & pin are $150 each and the Qee doll is $100. I dont know how many photos I'll be able to post in one shot, so it may take multiple? Anyway, Jules has purchased both a zippo and a pin from me and Im sure can vouch that they are legit!  More photos & info if your interested..Ask me any questions....Florence

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