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Melvins Discussion / Re: BELIEVE IT OR NOT?
« on: March 20, 2007, 01:33:18 PM »
Maybe buzz told him not to release the interview for years and years.. and if we don't like it then we don;t truly get what the melvins are all about man..  thats my theory.. its all another one of his tricks or tests or something.

Or maybe he's just that lazy   (sorry dude.. I don;t mean it I just want to play this interview game)

Melvins Discussion / Re: Favourite short Melvins-tune?
« on: March 17, 2007, 02:03:09 PM »
1.Second Coming
3.Now a limo

Melvins Show Reviews / Re: Boris/melvins stubbs barbeque
« on: March 16, 2007, 10:57:02 AM »
Sounds like a mighty fine outing. Good review man.

I don't get it

That's because I was stoned!

Stoned off the Most amazing pot I've never seen probably... and here I am... smoking my dirty dirty resin...  where's the fairness.

It seems like many people who are currently working with Patton or who have worked with him in the past Dislike him.  Yet they maintain that the music that was created with him during that period is really good and something that they couldn't of come up on their own.

Conclusion: Buzz doesn't mind having a bad working relationship with an egomaniac as long as he loves the end result. 

Melvins Discussion / Re: Buzzo at the White Sox/Twins game
« on: March 14, 2007, 02:30:47 PM »
Went down another 3 points since this morning and I haven't written anything...  I'll be getting in the negative soon and then I can start acting like an ass and my plummet will be well justified.  SATISFACTION...    man do I envy my smiter... the gratification he must receive from smiting that smug, sarcastic smile from my face.

Melvins Discussion / Re: Buzz Likes Baseball!
« on: March 14, 2007, 08:59:50 AM »
The person who smited me is unfamiliar with internet sarcasm.

Melvins Discussion / Re: Buzz Likes Baseball!
« on: March 13, 2007, 05:26:42 PM »
Ha i was made an ass of when I posted this way back. Well not really, but it's been posted before numerous amounts of times.
Ridicule this man.

and here i thought they hated each other.

They do. Or at least Buzz hates Patton, he's getting sick and tired of him.
Sect!: "Have you thought about doing a follow-up album?"
Buzzo: "Ah, that's up to Mike. I like playing this stuff. It's really different than anything I've ever done... and I like that. I like that aspect of the whole thing. It's different than the Melvins. I approach it differently. I play differently. I think about it differently. It's a totally different thing, and that really attracts me to the project. Definitely.

His well warranted  rants keep getting better and better.

greatest line:  Things could be really cool. They could be! Why aren't they? Is it because these bands are good? No. It's because people are stupid.

You've said that Mike (Patton) is the author of everything and you guys try to make him satisfied with how his vision is coming out.


In that way would it be fair to say that he is a modern day Don Van Vliet (aka Captain Beefheart) and you guys are his Magic Band?

I guess so.

That a pretty big compliment...  and here i thought they hated each other.

I think I'm still going for the full duration. Gonna pay full price since I couldn't get the money together for the pre-sale. So far it's me, my friend Mr.Bouche and Man With No Name if he's still down.

BTW.. Is 275$ CAN (taxes included) a fair price for a 3 day event (although I am only really going for the Melvins, I haven't really even been to a festival.. or  more than 1 or 2 concerts in my life so I can't gauge it.  Either way I'm pretty sure ill pay the 275 plus gas and other expenses to see them, it will be a journey.
Then maybe i"ll write a book about it like Maarten and post it : )

340$ after pre-sale expires. I work 2 days a week between college. I just had to dip into my jar. Melvins Jar at 10$

My "Melvins Jar" has been started.
I have 30 bucks in it so far... must save 275$ before pre-sale price expires.

Well class was canceled. What a waste of gas.

Hey this is cool news, guys! Wooha!

(tommy, I'll get back on you about Cul De Sac, still haven't been able to find them at SLSK)

I'm uploading the album i want you to hear on   It will be done in 18 min but I have to go back to the college for my last class right now so i wont be able to post the link until around 4:30.

And I'm off....

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