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i don't really need more shows - 3 is enough for one night :D but if i had to choose.. ween, deerhoof, butthole surfers, acid mothers, high on fire etc.. im happy as it is though :D

hmm, not a big fan of fake last shows! :D

i wouldn't count on it - the public transport to atp is always HELL. the first time i went there, i went to london from stansted, then to bristol, then to taunton - at the train station there were supposed to be buses to the festival - but there were only regular buses (it seemed like). it was snowing, freezing cold, and about 200 people ahead of us in line. there was only a new bus about every half an hour. after waiting there for about two hours before giving up. i think we ended up taking a cab with some strangers because it was just impossible to get on the buses. the ride was more than an hour to minehead i think. on the morning when i was supposed to go back, it was also chaos - hundreds of people waiting for buses at the big parking lot outside the park, but the buses were less than half full when they left - i think there was some kind of system where you have to reserve a ticket. it took hours to get a taxi too. thank god maarten has the number of a cab driver - we always use him now - he picks us up at bristol airport and takes us directly to minehead. hopefully it will be better in london, but don't count on it!

"Please note that the last tube from Wood Green Station leaves around midnight and the last train from Alexandra Palace Station leaves around Midnight."
they have this link on the site where you can pre-book taxi services to make it cheaper.

we'll definitely be going there :)

it looks huge!

no, the flight didn't take that long.. but i did once try to dig a whole in my friends garden to get to china. we found some old broken porcelain - must have been chinese. and china is close to japan, right? :D

i love london! i used to go there all the time when i was a kid, and it was the first BIG city i really got to know. whats the film museum? or where is it? i know they have the skeleton of the elephant man in london, but the museum is not open to the public. i also went to this awesome museum there where they have an earthquake room. it looks like an asian supermarket, but you can hardly stand in there, because the whole thing is moving. i think it was south west of hyde park, could it be the natural history museum or the natural science museum? some shit like that. i also went to a huge dali exhibition in london - even cooler than the dali museum outside barcelona! and i love chinatown! just walking through it looking at all that weird stuff in the windows.. camden is also nice, but not really at night - you get asked "skunk? skunk? want some skunk?" like ten times just walking there.

that's a sign.
why else would you take it off unless you have plans.

i snore like an elephant. on steroids.

pooh! that was a close one.

haha. for some reason i'm always told i sound irish. i have no idea why.
The Irish are permanently sloshed, too.

true, but i'm not ginger and i don't wear green, and my appartment's wallpaper does not consist of clover!

everybody is forgetting me :(

Sorry Alex i didnt think you said you were attending.

I'm quite sure I did said I bought an earlybird.. anyway, apology accepted :)

maybe they thought you just meant a chicken, and didnt get that you actually bought a ticket.

i'll outdrink you for sure - but i'll be out after outdrinking you.
and i think the prediction is more like a truth, except it will be "FELTCH 4 Life"

Schnabster/Baard  :D
Buddy Holiday
Tinnitus Photo

the vikings will be the majority.

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