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Melvins Show Reviews / old shows
« on: April 04, 2004, 03:40:58 PM »
i'm new here but have been a fan of the melvins a bandmate introduced me to gluey in 89'.  i was fully initiated on march 30th 1990 when the melvins played in nashville for the first time opening for F.U.C.T. a local band that begged the melvins to play there.  dale came out first and played for 5 minutes by himself.  then the bass player(it didn't look like joe,  lorax was out the door)  then buzz.  unfortunately the show was marred by numerous breakdowns of buzz's amp.  he was pimpin' though that night, wearing big gold medallions and a superfly polyester shrt unbuttoned halfway down.  all of dale's cymbals were broken.  but it was the heaviest sound i ever heard.  i couldn't tell you which songs were played cause i wasn't familiar with the titles back then.  probably seen them 8-9 times now and they are the GREATEST band on earth.

Quote from: popeye
No melvins cd's for sale at the show (except for the one in the book)  cool poster ,  4 different T-shirts, but not the Classic Melvin's Army T i was looking for.  I think there is an issue with Kiss about that shirt, but somebody does sell them at a website I hooked up with from here (main page) but the logo is on the back now, oh well.  Sorry no setlist - and no Beto, i'm not a Taper.  Cheers
the melvins will occasionaly make 20-30 shirts just before a show for some extra cash.  they can't sell them online or they will be sued.

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