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Melvins Discussion / First Melvins Big Business Show
« on: November 22, 2012, 11:54:31 AM »
This might have been covered before, but is there any documentation of the first 4-piece show at all?
It was Sept 06th 2006 in Sacramento.

Torrent search was unsuccessful and the earliest video i can find is this:

Melvins Discussion / Melvins 2013 Euro Plans
« on: October 19, 2012, 05:13:53 AM »
Just posted from Kongfuzi Booking's Facebook:

BIG NEWS!! Alors que (the) Melvins continuent leur héroïque tour: 51 dates - 51 états - 51 jours... une petite info vient de nous parvenir!?
THE MELVINS Lite en tournée en Europe en Avril et plus tard THE MELVINS full band viendront nous jouer 4 albums...
Elle est pas belle la vie?? Un petit souvenir des gars de la tournée du Sud, vous avez tous reconnu cette quête de liberté...

BIG NEWS! While (the) Melvins continue their heroic tour: 51 dates - 51 States-51 days... a little info comes from us!
THE MELVINS Lite on tour in Europe in April and later THE MELVINS full band will come play us 4 albums...
It is not beautiful life? A little souvenir of the guys on the tour of the South, you have all recognized this quest for freedom...

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