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Yes, I had to go across the pond this time, but Ipecac is still selling the Hot Pink version of Gift of Sacrifice.

A bit more in postage, but at least it doesn't go to some flipper in the US!

At least sometime this year, it appears I'll have a tasty pink slab of new Buzzo to lay on my turntable!


Melvins Discussion / Re: King Buzzo with Trevor Dunn
« on: April 17, 2020, 01:12:51 PM »
Umm, no.... what am I missing?

He didn't send me the memo about this release
Did you get the memo about the Fucker Club on Sunday?

Melvins Discussion / Re: King Buzzo with Trevor Dunn
« on: April 17, 2020, 12:27:28 PM »
Oh, when you put it that way, I am filled with confidence.....  :?

He didn't send me the memo about this release, though, so now I'll just do the usual thing of supporting some flipper, I reckon....

Don’t sweat though, Trump says everything will be up by Easter 😂😂

Thanks for posting that! I was surprised to discover that once again I had been out of the loop for this record as well as the "Six Pack" release. Considering how many mailing lists I'm subscribed to, I'd think I would know when literally any artist on the planet is even thinking about recording new material, much less releasing a new record, but maybe this whole internet thing will improve over time....   At least sometime this year, it appears I'll have a tasty pink slab of new Buzzo to lay on my turntable!

Still available here if anyone missed one:

Yep, it is, but I think the seller might be a bit of a flake.

A week ago, I made them an offer, and they turned it down, saying they had already turned down another offer, and they were sure they could get a lot of money for the shirt.

Tonight I got a notice saying it sold for a bid that was less than what I had offered a week earlier.


Great shirt from a great tour:

Melvins Discussion / Re: Buzz + Art show LA 2020
« on: January 18, 2020, 08:46:38 AM »
Hey, thanks a heap for posting that!
We're pretty disconnected from all those antisocial media tools, so by the time I caught wind that this was happening, we had out of town guests, and we all collectively cried in our many beers, despondent by the knowledge that we would not be drooling over potential new art for all of our walls.

Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins Demon Sweater
« on: January 18, 2020, 08:37:22 AM »
Yeah, what he said....

I missed the memo on this , so everything is sold out except XXL. Whinge, whine, waaaahhhh, etc.

That said, what's the sizing like for these things?

Some years ago I bought a Ramones sweater that claimed to be XL, but in real life seems to be more of a minus Small or something, and has been sitting unworn ever since. So maybe an XXL might almost fit? Seems that most of these these places haven't figured out that a size chart is a good thing.

Limited edition garb grab....well that was a nice thought Jules but I ain't got the draw on the Moothorfoockin' automated ass PC insta-grab algorythmic piles of steaming horse clock ramming butt-pooping toilet cleaning torrent of Flutternut peanile butter dyscockshinal effing arse biting hitler moustache wearin ass pullout couch staining systemic tardis cat food breath one armed welfare check bandit crack baby's momma spankin' Hairy chode lickin' scrote bag punching computer generated !@$@$^#&$*%#@#@^^$&%%&& add infinitum times infinity.  :x

....oh wait, does it say Pre-order?

Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins Videos Thread (and much more)
« on: December 01, 2019, 06:51:00 PM »
^^^ Well, the only response I can think of to offer that fellow comes from a story I heard Mike Doughty tell on stage once; the punch line being along the effect of, "Hey, I don't come to the place where you work and slap the cock out of your mouth!". 'Nuff said.

Yep. Back in the day, I loved nothing more than my WalkmanTM, and after I had already sold off a fairly sizable vinyl collection (being young and stupid and not looking forward to the future, apparently....), I bought quite a bit of my music on cassette, or else I recorded it onto cassette, so it could travel with me wherever I went.

Add that to the fact that for the better part of 30-40 years, I recorded a lot of concerts on cassettes... they should be about as rare as that eBay tape, then right? I mean, each live tape I recorded is a limited edition of one!

Ah, but wait - they are only valuable if they were touched by the actual artists, right? So there might be a 30+ year-old trace of DNA on the cassette shell.... (insert ooh-ing and ahh-ing here, I reckon).

God bless Ugly American lazy wannabe capitalists and their picker-mentality brethren everywhere...

I can't imagine Melvins or Hazelmyer for instance, trying to pull any shit like that, think about the average price point they generally put on the stuff they sell. But someone who is allegedly a *FAN* ..... well, no qualms there about asking for the moon for something of dubious quality - and origin - to begin with. I sell stuff from my collection all the time, but you know what? The stuff I'm really a hardcore *fan* of... you can't have it for any price, at least not while I'm still sucking air, anyway. And if I stop being a fan of something, then I want to make sure that someone else might actually have a chance at getting to enjoy it for a while like I did, not price it so high that no one will be able to do anything but drool about it.


Okay, rant over.

Ahh, a fellow Tapehead eh?

anyway, 3K for that tape even if it's bonafide authentic is still a bit steep for my liking, again the seller doesn't actually *want* to sell it but he wants to show off that he owns it.

I don't know what the seller is going on about though, he seems to really go into describing the tape in irrelevant detail and stipulated no low balls...but I suggest making a low ball offer...I really really do, he should get down off the throne of lies and admit that his tape isn't that valuable.

I mean, Dale himself made a $500 sale from selling off shirts from his own personal collection, so I can't see how this tape in this shape could be worth five times as much even if it's totally legit. It looks like a tape some kid copied a demo from a friend in highschool and took around in a walkman for a few decades....maybe it was owned by Kurt Cobain?  8-[

It looks like the price of that eBay cassette has gone up!

Good catch on the tape not matching the case; I missed that myself.

The tape itself though is an LN series, which basically means low bias.

A TDK AD series wouldn't be much better, and would most likely have even more hiss than the Maxell LN tape; in fact generally more high-end everything and less emphasis on the low-end frequencies.

Here's a quick reference:

120 µS EQ : low bias tapes; normal Type I shells; normal 120 microsecond EQ; single detector slots

70 µS EQ : high bias tapes; Chrome Type II shells; 70 microsecond EQ; double detector slots

That cassette looks like it's not the match for the Case, The Case is for a mid 80's TDK AD60 formula tape...but the actual cassette from what I can see is a High bias Studio Master Cassette, No idea where they could have gotten their hands on those but if it's like the type I have in my collection those are not manufactured anymore but back in the day they were the best you could get for 4-track recording...I wish I could see better pics of the Tape shell, if there were secondary holes where the tabs are then you know it's a hi-bias tape...infact it's probably oldschool high bias "Chrome" You didn't Just buy one of those in the store, they were most likely something of a speciality item and you had to buy a box of them.

Anyway It's hard to tell, I really am not the expert on early melvins demos.

Looks to me like some fan made a cassette of the record, and like a lot of fans do, drew a little logo on the cassette label, and pasted it over the bands they previously had recorded on the cassette, which would have included U-Men and Tesco Vee, and another band I can't make out enough letters to figure out who it was (it looks like something that ends with --GISS).

If the seller is really a hardcore fan, I think they would be certain whether or not the songs are the same versions or not. I know I would be.

Unless this person could post the "letter of authenticity from the original owner, explaining the cassette's history", I'd have to say it reeks of a bad joke or a total scam.

Quote from: rasputin180
This is an extraordinarily rare band made, band distributed, demo tape from The Melvins. The artwork is hand-glued to the case, and the labels on the cassette are hand-written, presumably by a member of the band. The back label is torn a bit, but you can still see indentations where song titles had once been written and then crossed out by the band as they reused the tape. There is some general wear, including yellowing on the artwork and case. The case is cracked in one place, but the crack is mostly visible from the inside. The aforementioned label damage on the back is the most significant issue, but everything really is in very good condition, given the age.

I'm honestly not sure how to price this, and I'm very, very, VERY reluctant to sell it, so the current asking price is basically the "make me sell it" price. If you're a Melvins fan, and you want this more than me, here's your chance to own a true rock history artifact. There may be similar copies out there somewhere, but there can't be very many, and, in a sense, the hand-written labels would make each existing copy one of a kind. I don't think there's even an entry on Discogs for this, and the chances of coming across another copy anywhere are highly unlikely. If you have a fair offer in mind, feel free to reach out, but please understand that I'm not going to part with this for a price I'll wind up regretting. Frankly, a not-so-small part of me is hoping this doesn't sell at all (I'm already second-guessing the listing), so, please, NO LOWBALLS. 

I'm pretty sure the songs contained are the same recordings heard on the 26 Songs compilation (track list is below). All music is on Side A. Side B is blank. I've fast-forwarded all the way through to be sure, and nothing's there.

The tape has been tested and is in perfect working condition, but please bear in mind that it's a demo, so the sound quality is fairly muddy. I don't think it's degraded much with age, if at all, though.

The cassette and case are professionally framed, with U/V protected plexiglass. Please note that the photos were taken prior to framing, and the tape can't be easily removed, as the back of the frame is sealed. I can't guarantee you'll be able to easily reassemble the frame if you decide to take the tape out.

Included is a letter of authenticity from the original owner, explaining the cassette's history. I will also include my own letter so there's a record of ownership, for the sake of provenance. The cassette ships via Priority Mail, fully insured, and with signature confirmation required for delivery.   

Track Listing:

Grinding Process

Snake Appeal

At A Crawl

Operation Blessing

Breakfast On The Sly

Ever Since My Accident / Hugh

only $2500 obo

I don't know if anyone here noticed it, but yesterday at 3:00 EST, Joyful Noise posted about having a cache of Thunder Pinky prototypes up for sale at $50 each. It looked like they had 20 of them, and the first 7 ordered came with a Crover poster. I think they all disappeared in about a minute, while I was texting a pal to see if he wanted one. I don't know how much those would vary from what was officially released already, but I expect we'll be seeing at least a few of 'em soon on that goddamn auction site everyone seems to love. I hope at least a few fans here caught some of that action.

That sounds like a dictionary definition of compression to me!  8)

Is the logo actually a baby deer fart killing a giant snake about to eat said baby deer?  :lol:

Man, it's a good thing I didn't see this thread, or any of those pedals at the merch table in Portland.... not saying they were *not* there, just that I didn't see 'em...  #-o

PM sent

Freebie for the first taker

pay postage only, tube mailer might cost 10$ or less (Cont US), you pay postage

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