Author Topic: The Grunge Chronicles - Vol. 17 - Melvins Interview - October 30th, 1992, NYC  (Read 372 times)

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Great interview.

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At the time, he hated the sound on Ozma.

He struggled to learn guitar. His a-ha moment was learning barre chords.

He wanted to be a bass player.

Playing with Nirvana, Nirvana audiences hated them.

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This interview was interesting because a lot of thing he said then, he still believe it 25 years later.

- When he talk about making album with the less money possible and that he don't understand mainstream band who spend a million dollars to produce 1 album. I've heard that from Buzz in multiple interview.

- He make fun of people playijg lead guitar but not able to write a song.

- When he talk about Atlantic as an opportunity that will not repeat itself, because of the grunge wave, and how Atlantic gave him full artistic control. He still talk about that in his interview. Funny that Houdini was not yet recorded when he did that interview, but he already knew it would work out.

- When he talk about how he has nothing to do with the popularity of the "Seattle scene" and that he was just at the right place at the right time. It's now a trope we find in every Buzz intervew.

The only thing that changed is that he say Jazz is for snob.
In more recent interview, he keep praising Miles Davis. Funny thing is that the guy in that 1992 interview tell him he should try listening to jazz
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