Author Topic: January 12th At Marty's on Newport..  (Read 2377 times)

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January 12th At Marty's on Newport..
« on: February 12, 2019, 10:21:37 AM »
So a couple out of state MELVINS vinyl junkies contacted me to score some limited stuff for em at MELVINS in the OC.
My job- purchase limited Melvins merch for a few cool dudes.  My reward- getting paid $100 per person along along with ticket and $40 in beer money.  Cool deal. Not bad getting paid to listen to some rock.

On the way down the 405 I stopped and purchased a six pack of Belching Beaver "Here Comes Mango".  Smooth 6.5 % stout.   Slammed 3 while jammin' the newly remasted Laughing Hyenas in route.  God I love that band while drinkin' and drivin'.
Pull up to venue, park then inhale some clean Skywalker from the bong. *two coughs later* and ready to go.

Hepa Titus opened.  Yeah!!  Dig this band and live is always a treat.  Qui drummer really adds depth and old Swivel hips roared through a sweaty, greasy, slithering set.  Gina selling merch rules..Sweet women with killer art to sell along with Hepa swag. After $670 spent on MELVINS/Hepa merch I ducked out of the club to place vinyl in my SUV.  Another snap on my 3 ft. US TUBE and ready for MELVINS. Standing in line for some over priced beer, I scanned the scene with my blood shot eyes.  Hoards of hipsters.  It was like a skinny jean/beard fest.  Great to see Melvins pack em in. 
I purhchased some non-corporate stout in a can and made my way to the stage.  I was hoping to really get into WYHNYH and Stop/Moving to Florida.  They started with Kicking Machine.  My first thought was Coady and Dale.  Oh well it kinda sounded flat but Buzz kept it rollin..The two bass thingy is a mystery to me.. Almost Spinal Tapish.  The idea was a good one and so was the pet rock for 10 minutes.  Two drummers YES!
Could not help but notice the campy feel to the performance.  I started to miss my old Melvins.  I know nothing last forever and it has been a real long time since I saw MELVINS and I got that feeling.  I miss Dale playing real hard I miss Jared and Coady. Melvins would always challenge my ears and kept me off guard.  I feel now they are in "boat party crusie control" mode. Happy for Buzz and Dale finding their niche.  They deserve it. Back to the songs..  WYHNYH was did not move me and suffice to say I began to move to the exit.
I did not last to song three STOP/Moving to Florida. Bummer.  That song rules live. Left the club and cracked open my still cold Here Comes Mango Beaver.  Sad I could not make it through the set..No surprise.  I knew what to expect. Just hoping for something different.  Anyhoo-More inhaling, start the truck and pick Harvey Milk to return me back home safely. 

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Re: January 12th At Marty's on Newport..
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Re: January 12th At Marty's on Newport..
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I want to be you

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Re: January 12th At Marty's on Newport..
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My BAC is required to be 0.000000 % on the road. Just sayin'.