Author Topic: Sale from may 10 - 16 on melvins shirts and half off a jacket (size small only)  (Read 684 times)

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May 10th thru the 16th, my bad. If a moderator could fix the subject line dates to read that it would be appreciated. Seems like i can't do that myself.

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That's a good deal. Ordered two shirts I'd been eyeing but couldn't justify.
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What the heck am I gonna do with A Half of a Jacket?  :?

...and don't say Jacket off.
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Cool. You never can have enough Melvins shirts :D. I must have at least a dozen. I ordered just the Hot Wheels one. Dracula sold out, and Army one gone in XL.
 Their shipping rates suck. I wanted to bundle up & throw in the hat too, but that made the shipping jump from $7 to $14. Doesn't cost that much to ship a hat and a shirt.