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1997 - Honky
« on: August 11, 2005, 09:30:48 PM »

All of them, they must be slaughtered

The Father, the Son
They guide the Holy Goat
The holder takes to end a plea
He wants the best for all of us.


The shining Chinese
Holding yang
What's the difference
A light for all time
The buried secret
Sings together
What's the hurry
You're not Harry
To lose your mind
Keep it open.


Nasty nature done for meat
Have you cut with all three knives?
Sing light for empty sweet
Lovely butterflies

Have you ever only eaten what's alive?
I've got the thing for meat
The skincooker for the hide
It's cooked on the inside

I have a belly full of prime
Crawling through my intestine
It's gristle-thick Pork Chop rot time
The lovely butterflies


Can you hear their timing prophecy?
Have the only other why's it trusting all again?
Listen to the baby sigh
It's only happening the boiling rose a lone
This green is mine world
It's the only air installed the soldiers sighing way
I've got an industry
To know the fill is not to save.


And all this time free from the void
The world's drawn in for me
And I can't fight
The wheels all the way
The underside
And all this time free from the void
The world's gone in for me
And I can't fight
The wheels all the way
The underside

Don't break me down (to sleep)
Don't ?
Don't ?
Don't ?

Please be clear
Die, sleepy
First we appear, then we sleep
Fast asleep, fast asleep

Don't break me down (to sleep)
Don't break me down
Don't ?
Don't ?
Don't ?

("wollt ihr den totalen krieg? wenn in gott...
deutschland uber auf...totalen...totalen sieg und radikal...ein die aus erden...
total und radikal")  


You'll always have a home here to make whatever kind of records you want
We don't do special packaging for bands that haven't gone gold!
They rejected your video, so what do you want us to do?
You should consider yourself lucky, any other major label would've dropped you by now.
The people here in radio just don't like your band.
At least your records are in the stores.
Well we won't do a thing unless the single moves
He's in a meeting,  he'll call you back.


Follow the ride
This time so right
Opening so vitally
Left to die
Drown in an overbend
I let it out
Green was sympathy
In doubt
And all the rabbits have come and died


Half my summary - half my sense
Took a whole lot of money aid - said it was defense
A man with the grin smiled at me
A tip of his hat - threatened to let go of me
He made it all go down - took off my coat
But I bid him - for good
It was here I'd lock the load
Denied for all his own

Little baby
Rattle sharp candy
And I wanna stick around
What the world needs now
Wings and the know-how
Greet him with a grin
This little fatherless - sings in a modernly
Until you're old
With a synonym we let it all begin again
Far away


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Re: Honky - 1997
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2005, 01:02:01 PM »
My attempt at the song that wasn't interpetated by anyone....

"In The Freaktose The Bugs Are Dying"

"Go make the tune!"

Go away, get off the track.
Go away, 'till, 'till you die.
Go away, that's not me.

And that's for wimping out.
And that's 'till you both try.
You're decorating you will die.
And then comes (???)

"Yeah. Yeah."

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Re: 1997 - Honky
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2010, 12:39:43 AM »
i think on Air Breather Deep in the Arms of Morphius, the words are are either

the world's done in for me


the world's more in for me

great song