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1996 - Stag
« on: August 11, 2005, 09:30:17 PM »
These lyrics were printed in the Melvins fanclub newsletter shortly after the cd was released:

music: Dale Crover
lyrics: Buzz Osborne

This is for cows
It's not for the size of me
Into my mouth
Nine hundred and fourteen
Try some force   try to lead
The foundling die is close determinate
Raise head and stomp the blood
I'm not even sound raid

   I'm alive    I got the silver
   And I wonder    what will you follow?
   When your head   is not in order
   And I'm stomping   your little

How can you laugh
How can you lie awake
Making me drive
Making my heart a
Not too fat    not to lean
The foundling die is close excitedly
Raise head and stomp the blood
I'm not even soundly

music: Melvins
lyrics: Buzz Osborne

Big slide across bitter by hiding hold a hail
Sit down and hold this town in fever
This mind is most of all like a vulture on a nail
And now he knows distorting feeler hell
this time he knows distorting

Be now the first of all by the low end on avoid
It's a pig in's an eye it's a soul it's a seether
Big eye and hold it all by the riding on a head
Dig down in the voice dic-storting feeler hell
Chicks hide the most dic-storting

music: Buzz Osborne
lyrics: Buzz Osborne

I ain't nothing to the notice
800 miles of Prime
We be plain Jack belt loaded - Ha!

I pause I holler
Still powder line
Selling bulge egg tourniquette - Ha!

The more you know the brain
The more it homocide
Belt strip telephone - Ha!

Give me forty six
Give me forty five
Can't place down dance stone - Ha!

music: Buzz Osborne
lyrics: Buzz Osborne

Follow lead    point to my head
We got Dresden     solid dead
I ain't gonna stand    leaking from my hand
Don't like the front of me   on a mand

   Be still the messagely
   Distending a modern tale
   By phone line
   Might have seen
   On read    by rhyme
The violence     strike and spare
Seems fortified     down square
What is the quality    reaching low fo side
My tears intendedly    bonified

   You still motor high
   Reach sending a modern tease
   Right phone line
   High voice tone
   Forty lee and four why

music: Buzz Osborne
lyrics: Buzz Osborne

I cut the throat of a billy goat and let it bleed
His frozen eyes were far more than I
It's kind of nice to know the things that make me happy
Just realize    keep the dog away from me

I found it don't matter when
It's not nice to feel alone inside
This little goat won't mind
All my fears are just vanishing
And the blood will let me find a way
Will open heaven
Down in here all my dreams are filled
Good and bad they seem to be the same
And never lonely
If I just let this power in
It will work it will make me feel O.K.
Be sure forever

music: Melvins
lyrics: Buzz Osborne

Of weak intesity     of sheer velocity
Silver boy gone   but he left his heart
Happy to chain
Leave all his things
Get right and heave it
May be taste a few

   Disguise    dis all of you
   Violence    try to make me follow
   I'm not a dog
   But yes I will

Until my visions clear     I'll not fight here
The last thing I need    is time to feed

music: Buzz Osborne
lyrics: Buzz Osborne

See the faulty now
See the dawn - see clear
Five six it's gonna be narrow
By written law
For right of hollow form
By thy all night
Figure five fourteen motorized
She wants the price
Much play in wise paradise
Each time you raise the wire

   On fire for me
   My plane is happily
   Gotta show gotta leave
   Which indeed I'd like to

He's afforded final ten
Every damn one been done
Pick the part of me to fun around
Diggie forty Bodie innie
Master come un by gun
Last choice last chance chance
Peace time for the stonified
I can't stand the high design
Give me one of those whys to write

music: Melvins
lyrics: Buzz Osborne

Remain will to follow
Play try us alone
To the place in sideways
Ape fry distending
Black maker every sign
Each very condescending
Makes me all vine
Take my thats in you
Hiding finding more
Please take inside you
Black stain on floor
He raises hammer downward
Takes aim let's it sign
The prophet sounding proverb
We sterilize

music: Melvins
lyrics: Mark Deutrom

And on this day
Full of tears
When from the ashes
There arise
Guilty man, to be judged
Have mercy upon him
Gentle Lord Jesus
Grant them rest

music: Buzz Osborne
lyrics: Buzz Osborne

Ty plays the battle fold though bastardly
Follow said criminal in the form of his hand
He'll chance the overload when it's all about the end
Maybe the size and soul will settle in

   Everyone is shifting   all around his agonize
   Can't make the sort of sound   this and dust could sanitize
   Gonna see in Earth    all the edge
Wishing I was at the where all dull razors all began
Shoulder only angel seven half of every golden an
on those who really help me time unveils
Ty regarding visionary

   Give it all to me   I didn't wanna be
   Singled out for the fire   you little tangy
   Make a mind make a friend   give it up toenail
   Too old for that   buy me a big one
   To say what's real   your not the boss of me
   Meet my old man   he's just a funny
   He makes more than you will   take it away
   I've got the only wisdom   we're still friends
   In time it will all be over   it will be good
   But i'm old and i'm getting older   knew i would
   Later days finally coming on    to take me away
   Little place near the holy one   and let's run

music: Buzz Osborne
lyrics: Buzz Osborne

Day light       time of ten               feel of a monster
Right here      the wilds grow            we ain't got a foot hold
Be nice         afraid the future         to be in now
Neck ties       fit survive               rest to be only forty nine

B-rown          body sez                  pull in full red
Light so        protect and demand        but I it ride
Be damned       gonna lie here            all a land lone
Next size       lotus alive                rest to be only forty nine

music: Buzz Osborne
lyrics: Buzz Osborne

You should have told   but I couldn't find her
And tell her I can't see
Be steady   got a line on a system for that's right
Be ready   to mind it on distant man of war
Get another   hold over or wheel   in dee

Jimmy boy   got a knock on a lead   but it sold so rare
And funny   but it's cold for this here time of year
Been days   and a night   for sitting on his knee
Bandana in hail   and he

music: Dale Crover
lyrics: Dale Crover

Mean little stealer you
Got your head bowed down
I got a mouth full of cotton
Duct taped down
I've been drinking too much Lysol
and my heads bowed too


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Re: 1996 - Stag
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2009, 02:52:15 PM »
I believe the last line in goggles is this:

The last thing I need  is time to think.

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Re: 1996 - Stag
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2009, 04:43:58 PM »
I believe the last line in goggles is this:

The last thing I need  is time to think.

Though you have the right to that opinion, I think it'd be wise that when Buzzo actually gives us the lyrics, we don't question them. It's hard enough ruminating over the lyrics that he DOESN'T give us.


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Re: 1996 - Stag
« Reply #3 on: September 30, 2009, 02:08:49 PM »
wow, now i've lured 2 new members.  thanks for the info. 

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Re: 1996 - Stag
« Reply #4 on: January 30, 2015, 10:08:12 PM »
Anyone got a bass tab for black boc?
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