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Just had another listen to this one. Slightly better than i remembered. It's funny how distinctly different the sound of the band was (or rather the recordings) were back then as opposed to Toshi's digital approach now. I have to say that the track 'Soup' is a total stinker though! It's always one i've never liked. 'Fick Fader' absolutely should have taken that spot instead.

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« Reply #421 on: April 07, 2018, 01:10:47 AM »
I generally agree with )))((( so figured I'd let you know how this record revelead itself to me. Took a long time to warm up to.
Here's my stag book of world records:

The Bit is probably my hands down favorite here, and as it's credited to Dale it's my favorite Dale song in the catalog.

I really distinguish between the studio tracks here and the "filler" for lack of a better term. Sterilized and Goggles are the DNZ or whatever the border zone in Korea is called.

Berthas and Buck Owens and Captain Pungent and Skin Horse presage the genius of Hostile Ambient Takeover. Dense, heavy, purposeful, bewildering. Skin Horse also has pitch shifted vocal, which you'll hear explored more on HAT with mixed speed recordings.

Black Bock is the catchiest Melvins song of the first two decades, and also the most evil fucking thing to hear.

Tipping the Lion is the best lead guitar / solo in any Melvins song ever, and it's not just one solo, but multiple throughout. Believe me, I made a spreadsheet.

Bar-X is the only Melvins song to feature a horn solo. It's major distinction is probably that it's the most punk fucking horn solo imaginable. It's awful and glorious and sounds halfway through like GG Allen is spitting in a tuba before resuming to be a horn solo in a Melvins uptempo radio "hit".

The Bloat has the Melvins best vocal cadence of all time. It's  over the best Melvin's bassline of all time with Dale's most unforgiving ribbon crasher pulse. Like a beautiful blend of With Teeth and that closing track on POTRE.

Stag is the first Melvins record where a theme really pops... animals in consumption, food and size and gluttony and the food chain.

Goggles is the harshest recording of this band being a band in the whole catalog. Here it's a deliberate choice and it works.

This is also only album where even the "filler" grew on me. Cottonmouth sounds like a toss away, he's singing something about a mouth full of cotton and headphones. Is he singing through headphones? Are the headphones damaged? I don't know, but the joke never gets old.

Soup used to confuse me, just a blip followed by another blip, but once it comes on I feel reset, relaxed, and yet surprised.

In short I used to have complaints about this album, but it does reveal itself. I probably have a review here in this thread  where I was harsher about things on this record I now praise and love. I think it's immaculately timed and sequenced for contrast. Every "song" has a personality. There's a hook to each segment of listening. It probably has the highest ratio of any album in terms of "things I thought I wouldn't like but found out I love and am grateful I trusted it."
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« Reply #422 on: January 25, 2019, 03:43:44 PM »
It took me twenty years to warm up to this record! It finally clicked and i realized this is a great album!