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« Reply #286 on: September 29, 2020, 02:15:21 AM »
I just want to add something about Bullhead 'cause I'm pretty surprised there're not more people seeming to love "Boris" in this topic.
This song is amazing. This is really something unique.
It grabs you by the guts and, when you're a musician trying to analyse it, I can tell that's really not a piece of cake (what sort of cake would it be?!?)!
It's a really really weird construction whereas it sounds very... natural when you hear 'em play it.
I don't know how they can memorize it and play it live like it's only natural (and this song live just kills!).

Great album, a piece of art.
And if it's not loud enough, just turn up that damn' volume knob! It doesn't sound loud compared to the very crompressed stuff of nowadays, that's all. It's just more "nautral" (one more time).