Melvins Setup

This is a page i've set up to show what the melvins use when they play their music. Please send your info to me at thanks.

Thanks to,,,,,,,, nickfolsom@HOTMAIL.COM, for the info


-Gibson Les Paul Custom from the mid-70's black with inlays like the Les Paul artisan
-Gibson Les Paul Standard
-1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black w/KISS sticker below bridge, input jack held on with duct tape(see photo in the DEEP 6 comp CD) NOTE: this guitar is not used on tour any more
-Many mid 90's Les Paul Customs pick-up(DUNCAN J.B.)
-One mid 90's Sunburst Les Paul Custom
-Ibanez SG Baby Blue bolt on neck
-Mosrite and Rickenbacker Basses
-One STARFIELD Custom(starfield were late 80's early 90's made by the Ibanez CO.) with a Duncan '59 in the neck and a Duncan Custom in the bridge this guitar is also black-sonic blue Fender Mustang
-sonic blue Fender Jag-stang with no neck pickup and no switches
normallly its tuned down one whole step and sometimes the low E is tuned down to C#
-his low E (sometimes D or C depending on the song) is a 52 -10 set with the 10 tossed out. He uses the 10 with Fantomas. His choice of strings (brand) are whatever he can find. He said he never understood why people give a shit about brand, and that sort. Pick's are medium to heavy (depending on song) and strings are set up pretty low to the neck, as low as it can without buzzing out the low E.

-Peavy Butcher
-Roland Cube
- Pair of JCM 800 Marshall heads
One of the heads has a paper tag covering the Marshall logo with "ZZ-TOP" written on it.
-SUNN beta lead head(solid state) this amp has a chromaglow HANSON sticker on it!!
-SUNN beta bass head(solid state)
Mesa/Boogie rack mounted tri-axis pre-amp, and a 2:90 power amp(tons of different components, used with the marshall cabs...i beleive this was his touring amp, not used anymore)
"a little tiny Peavey Classic 20, because I don't like loud music when I'm at my house." -Buzz

-HiWatt 4x12 cabs (2 to 4 depending on club size)
-Marshall JCM800 1960 4x12" 
-Marshall JCM900 1960 4x12"
-Mesa Boogie bass cab 1x15"

he also uses several FX pedals(he used these at some point or another, not using all of them now):
ProCo RAT Pedal(main distortion)
MXR Blue Box a sub-octave/overdrive
Boss Digital Reverb/Delay
Boss OD-1 Overdrive
Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive
Boss TU-2 chromatic tuner(floor style)
Boss Line Selector
Digitech Rack Mount
Line6 DL4 delay modeler for echo etc. and the Line6 Distortion Modeler
DOD Buzz Box(has not been used for years, same as blue box only a harder distortion)


Here's a good picture of his setup, email me if you can tell what some of this stuff is and it's not listed.

-Custom Made Bass(i don't know who made it)looks just like a DANO longhorn, but longer scale he has two, orange and green both sparkly
-2 or 3 mid 60's or 70's fender P basses
-Fernandes Atlas Standard Bass
-Ampeg SVT Head
-Ampeg SVT 8x10 Cab
-Sunn Beta Bass head
-Sunn Model T Guitar head
-Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler w/ Line 6 EX1 Expression Pedal
-Boss Noise Supressor
-Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
-Dunlop Crybaby 105Q wah pedal
- Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive
-Boss Tuner

Disco Stu said this: I've seen Ass use different distortion box's, but he seems to rely on Tech21 equipment. At one time I know live, he would run a Sansamp DI driver first, sending a clean DI signal to the board, (to get that punch) and stage sound would then go into a Sansamp GT2, (that and other delay's etc, which lately I've noticed to be Line6) and mic that through the board as well. I know in the past, for recording, one of the bass tracks would be mixed down with a subharmonic synthesizer.


-Artstar Custom Tama Drums(big ones!)
16"x26" Bass Drum
8"x14" Snare Drum
16"x18" Tom Tom
18"x20" Floor Tom
14"x20" Gong Bass
-Many Large(i'm talking 22 24 26 inches) cymbals(mostly zildjian A's and K's) or paiste.
-His ride is a paiste 2002 24"
-Zildjian Bell(Very Large Bell about the size of an eating bowl)

Ollie had this to say about what dale was using on the australian tour in 2003:
Firstly, the biggest thing I noticed was that Dale, in his extremely flattering lace teddy, had a bigger kit than I've seen him use before. He had more than 2 toms - I wasn't paying attention to how many. To his right was what I'd call a gran casa, and what I'm guessing you refer to as the "gong bass". Notably, there was no bottom head on that. I didn't see the Ribbon crasher. That's not to say there wasn't one there. However, there was this wierd wooden seashell type thing. And the two things I'm really confident of: He had an 8-10" ice bell, situated slightly to the right of his kick, and he had this little 4" cymbal thing Just to the left of his right foot. That 4" thing didn't sound very good.

Jem had this to add to the same tour setup:
Ding Dong:
had a 14X8 wood finish snare (think it was Tama) Tama Starclassic (tequila sunrise finish) drums rented from Drumtek in these

24X18 Kick
16" rack tom
18X16 floor tom

he also had his gong bass drum (to his right) (20" i reckon) this is used for that awesome roll that brings the riff back in on The Bit One 2002 paiste Ride (22 or 24") that was his only ride.
crash plates (uses a lot eg. Revolve verses) and some other strange percussive devices.
Old cracked cymbals stacked on top of eachother above the gong bass also had a large bell (NOT ufip icebell, i think it was Zildjian) One crash and one trash. Hi hats had tambourine attached for most songs.
At the gigs with Fantomas he also hade a gong which he used to finish Roma dog bird/Hung Bunny

Here's a diagram of Dale's Setup thanks to Nick Folsom Click on it to see it full size please.