Black Betty 7"

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Amphetamine Reptile Scale 114 front cover

Melvins/John Spencer Blues Explosion Black Betty 7" - released May 15, 2011

Cover by HAZE XXL

  • 7" Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 121 edit. 800
  • 200 Red/White/Black tri-color vinyl
  • 600 Red with Black and White splatters
    • A special series of 100 tri-color vinyl singles was produced and split between ten different 2-color linocut sleeves, hand printed & hand assembled by Haze-XXL.

Track Listing

  • A Side
  1. Black Betty - John Spencer Blues Explosion
  • B Side
  1. Black Betty - Melvins



"AmRep will be making as many as we can stuff by ourselves. We are old and feeble. Do the math." Among the records sold on tours were a total of 34 showing a numbered red star next to "Melvins" on the back of the sleeve and 66 showing a numbered red star next to "Jon Spencer Blues Explosion".

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