Butcher Town

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Butcher Town - 2:33

Appears on the Sawed Off 7" single, 1993.



I'm going down to butcher town

They pay me now to feel the heat

I'm paid in blood, but the apron fits

It's almost time for my coffee break

At butcher town (x4)

The big boss daddy man wields the femur

The white rump roast is the special today

Gristled bit chunk is making me stronger

But my supply won't last much longer

At butcher town (x4)

Little prissy momma Betty's squeezin' and burnin'

They just wanna kill you

Your God damn boyfriend hasn't punched in yet

I quit my fuckin' job at the Chicken Shack

For butcher town (x4)

Butcher town (x4)

At butcher town (x4)