Freak Puke

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Cover of Freak Puke
Cover of Freak Puke Letterpress CD (Edition of 200)

Freak Puke was released on June 5, 2012.

    • IPC-136 - CD
    • Tracks: 10 Total Time: 42:20

    • DYMC-7019 - CD

    • AmRep 089 - LP Picture Disc (see below)

    • IPC-136 - CD re-released in a numbered edition of 200 with letterpress sleeves by Mackie Osborne for sale on the 51 in 51 tour.

    • IPC-136 - CD re-released in an un-numbered limited edition with letterpress sleeves by Mackie Osborne for sale on the 51 in 51 tour. Every sleeve was different and comprised print from many previous Melvins CDs in many random combinations.

    • IPC-136 - CD re-released in a numbered edition of 50 with black letterpress sleeves and a hand-made booklet by Mackie Osborne for sale on the 30th Anniversary tour.

Track List

  1. Mr.Rip-Off - 5:52
  2. Inner Ear Rupture - 1:57
  3. Baby Won't You Weird Me Out - 3:51
  4. Worm Farm Waltz - 3:55
  5. A Growing Disgust - 4:28 (Not Included on Vinyl)
  6. Leon Versus the Revolution - 2:47
  7. Holy Barbarians - 2:32
  8. Freak Puke - 2:47
  9. Let Me Roll It (Paul McCartney) - 4:31
  10. Tommy Goes Beserk - 9:40


  • Backing vocals on "Let Me Roll It" by James McAleer and Dan Raymond
  • Additional guitar on "Let Me Roll It" by Dan Raymond
  • Artwork – Mackie Osborne
  • Mastered By – John Golden
  • Recorded By – Toshi Kasaii


  • Buzz played an Electrical Guitar Company All Aluminum Guitar through Emperor Cabinets
  • Trevor played a Standup Bass (no electric bass or bass amp was used)
  • Dale played a 1940s Gretch Drumset
  • Recorded in December 2011 and January 2012 at Sound Of Sirens Studio

Vinyl Picture Disc from Amphetamine Reptile Records

  • AMREP089 Edition of 1500, 300 of each design
  • The Picture Disc version does not include A Growing Disgust since it was included on the Melvins/Hammerhead Post Moral Neanderthal Retardist Pornography Split 7"
  • Notes from Amrep: Melvins "Freak Puke" LP (AMREP089) with 5 different picture disc designs by Gary Taxali, Tara McPherson, Skinner, Mackie Osborne & Dave Cooper. Tracks on this LP are... Here's how it works. This LP is a picture disc. There are 5 different artists' art in the run we made and like a pack of baseball cards. These are all sealed in a normal 12" LP cardboard sleeve (as pictured). You won't know which design you have until you open it, so... YOU DON'T PICK WHICH DESIGN YOU GET. The B-side image is the same on all the LPs, it's the LP jacket graphic, as pictured in the lower right on the picture of the collected designs & you guessed it... YOU DON'T PICK WHICH DESIGN YOU GET.

Press Release

Melvins Lite is an additional incarnation of the Melvins. The line-up is Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover and Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, Fantomas & Tomahawk). “The Melvins have a long history of mixing up our line-ups and I think that’s what has kept us relevant for so long,” explains Buzz. “Consider the Freak Puke record the fifth side of the four-sided Melvins triangle." "We had seen Trevor playing upright bass in a jazz setting and thought that we could utilize that for a recording project," explained Crover. "This is something different from the two drummer/big hair line-up, which we plan on continuing with as well."

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