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Early K Records C46 cassette-only compilation from 1984 which documented the emerging Olympia underground (Beat Happening, Young Pioneers, Wimps, Wild, Wild, Wild Spoons, John Fosters Pop Philosophers); artists from around Washington state such as Melvins (Montesano) and the Public Service (Anacortes); all-female hardcore band the Wrecks from Reno, Nv.; two bands from Tucson, Az. (Rotte Kapelle, Seldoms) and two punk bands from Tokyo, The Loods and Kyah.

Track List

  1. Supreme Cool Beings – Survival Of The Coolest
  2. Rotte Kapelle – A Place For Us
  3. Kyah – Mine
  4. John Foster's Pop Philosophers – It's Fun When You Know The Answers
  5. Melvins – If You Get Bored
  6. Mountain Boy – Love Me
  7. Beat Happening – Foggy Eyes
  8. Rejectors – Civil Disobedience
  9. Wild, Wild Spoons – Goin' Bowling
  10. Gary, Chris & Scott – I Was Born In Phoenix
  11. Wimps – She's Got What I Want
  12. Wrecks – Perfect American
  13. Seldoms – Trees Of Mysterie
  14. Public Service – Christmas Day
  15. Young Pioneers – Round And Round
  16. Loods – Masatsu
  17. Cool Rays – Modern World

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