Melvins/Killdozer Split 12"

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Melvins - Sugar Daddy Splits Vol.4 w/Killdozer 12" - released April 28, 2012

Sleeve for Scale 126
Scale 126

Cover by Obsolete Industries and Mackie Osborne

Track Listing

  • Side A
  1. Dies Iraea (live) - Osborne
  • Side 1
  1. Lupus - Killdozer

Personnel (Side A)


"Fourth in this 13 volume series has Melvins "Dies Iraea" (live from Sugar Daddy LP) on the A-Side and Side One contains Killdozer with the legendary track, "Lupus". Mackie designed silk screened sleeve by Obsolete Industries. Hand stamped Vol. # on back side. This comes in a heavy duty 8mil polyvinyl sleeve (made for picture discs so you get to view your purdy splat color vinyl)."

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