Melvins/Mudhoney Split 12"

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Melvins - Sugar Daddy Splits Vol.7 w/Mudhoney 12" - released January 26, 2013

Sleeve for Scale 132
Scale 132

Cover by Obsolete Industries and Mackie Osborne

Track Listing

  • Side A
  1. Tipping The Lion (live) - Osborne
  • Side 1
  1. If I Think (live)
  2. I'm Now (live)
  3. Judgement Rage (live)
  4. Open Mind (live)
  5. Tales Of Terror (live)

Personnel (Side A)

Personnel (Side 1)


"The seventh release in this 13 volume series has Melvins "Tipping the Lion" (live from Sugar Daddy LP) on the A-Side and Side One with Mudhoney's "If I Think", "I'm Now", "Judgement Rage", "Open Mind" & "Tales of Terror" (all live). Mackie designed silk screened sleeve by Obsolete Industries. Hand stamped Vol. # on back side. This comes in a heavy duty 8mil polyvinyl sleeve (made for picture discs so you get to view your purdy splat color vinyl)."

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