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Neil Hamburger is the World's Funnyman. He is friends with the Melvins and has played a few shows with them, mostly at ATP festivals. Neil had a short lived internet series entitled "Poolside Chats with Neil Hamburger". The first episode featured Buzz Osborne as a guest, but the show turned out to be a disaster in the end, with the feed being cut off not even halfway into the show. The whole video however was recorded and can be found through Google. As the show progressed, Neil and Buzz received strange calls from viewers trying to inform them of the cut feed. Most of the calls came from New Jersey, which upset Neil. One degenerate caller kept calling back, demanding that Buzz "take off (his) hat".

Amongst various other artists, Neil Hamburger was picked by the Melvins to perform at the All Tommorow's Parties "Nightmare Before Christmas" festival in 2008. The Melvins co-curated the festival with Mike Patton, who also has numerous connections with Neil Hamburger.

Neil is sure to make you laugh. First known as America's Funnyman, Neil has since traveled around the world, making frequent trips to Australia. As a mighty fine Sheila once said, "Some audiences love him. Others hate him. But there's one thing we can all agree on, everybody loves Neil Hamburger!"

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