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I'd like to see a link back to this page on the specific page of any release linked to on this page. Thoughts?

Naming conventions...

I've been putting (album) after each title (most anyway), mainly because that's how wikipedia had it, but it avoids confusion between some releases. eg between the song and album "Gluey Porch Treatments".

Mostly it doesn't matter, but should we stick to this anyway for the sake of conformity and clarity?

I think its worthwhile to distance ourselves from wikipedia. I'd like to think that we're never going to need a disambiguation page for eggnog. Anything that already says album is fine, and anything in the future that says it is also fine if that is someones personal preference as i appreciate all work done on this GREATLY. but i don't think we need to go back and change anything that has already been done.--Brian E 07:37, 13 October 2006 (PDT)

- I agree that we should distance ourselves from wikipedia - this will eventually far exceed what they have there.

I have been using that as a starting point, though.

Again, this is a great idea, and will be amazing once it's well established. - Eponymous