A Tribute to Pop-O-Pies/Tales Of Terror

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Melvins - A Tribute To Pop-O-Pies/Tales Of Terror 7" - released November 11th, 2013

Front cover for Scale 139
Scale 139

Cover by HAZE XXL and Mackie Osborne

  • Random singles from the Clown Series were sold in home-made sleeves by Mackie Osborne in varying quantities during the Melvins' 2016 U.S.tours. The following may not be an exhaustive list of those singles:
    • Limited to 12 - mostly Bowie - recycled cut LP sleeve, red rooster printed on front and back
    • Limited to 18 - mostly Kinks - cardboard sleeve with painted red border and cobwebs on front
    • Limited to 33 - mostly Queen - cardboard sleeve with Moomins on front
    • Limited to 45 - mostly Pop-O-Pies/Tales of Terror - foldaround magazine paper sleeve
    • Limited to 50 - mostly Pop-O-Pies/Tales of Terror - cardboard sleeve with bat on front
    • Limited to 50 - mostly Scientists - grey cardboard front with 'X' on, paper back covered in skulls
    • Limited to 60 - mostly Roxy Music - black cardboard foldaround sleeve with bones on front
  • A limited edition of five, signed and numbered in home-made sleeves by Mackie Osborne were sold at the semi-acoustic show in San Francisco on 18 February, 2017.

Track Listing

  • A Side
  1. Timothy Leary Lives - (Pop-O-Pies)
  • B Side
  1. Romance - (Tales Of Terror)



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