Love Canal/Someday

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Love Canal/Someday was released in 1990 on Slap a Ham Records.

5" Slap A Ham #13 clear wax edit. 3000 Milky vinyl with green sticker, less than 30 copies Pink wax with white center label edit. 12 (test pressing)

(This review originally appears right here in The Crass Menagerie #100)

This was my first exposure to a 5" record. In fact it being a 5" was one of the main reasons I bought it. Fortunately I had a record player that didn’t have too much trouble playing it... I could usually get it to play after five or six attempts at moving my needle towards the edge of the vinyl very slooooooooowly. I know some people who simply cannot get a 5" to play. At the time this came out I was not much of a MELVINS fan. I was stupid. I was, however, a FLIPPER fan and this record was MELVINS doing FLIPPER covers and it came out about the same time FLIPPER reformed and released “American Grafishy,” (“Someday” was a track included on “American Grafishy.”) an album I loved but a lot of old FLIPPER fans hated. After hearing this record I decided that MELVINS did indeed know what they were doing and I began buying their stuff.


A: Love Canal - 4:06 cover from Flipper's Sex Bomb Baby

B: Someday - 3:21 cover from Flipper's American Grafishy

King Buzzo - Guitar, Bass, Vocals Dale - Drums

Recorded on Buzz's Four-Track