Lovely Butterfly

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"Lovely Butterfly" (Melvins) – 2:10

Originally from Honky, 1997.

Also as a "New and Improved Version" on Electroretard as "Lovely Butterflies", and live on Millennium Monsterwork 2000.


Nasty nature done for meat

Have you cut with all three knives?

Sing light for empty sweet

Lovely butterflies

Have you ever only eaten what's alive?

I've got the thing for meat

The skincooker for the hide

It's cooked on the inside

I have a belly full of prime

Crawling through my intestine

It's gristle-thick Pork Chop rot time

The lovely butterflies

Guitar TAB

>Honky version


e -------------------
b -9^p0 etc----------
g -9^p0 etc----------
d -------------------
a -------------------
e -------------------
d ---------------------------
a ---------------------------
e -0-9\--0-9\--0-0-1---------

>Electroretard version

Same as above but with slide bass, more guitar and the following riff during the "chorus": 
b --------------------------------
g -7---7---7-10-9-8---8---8---8---
d -7---7---7-10-9-8---8---8---8---
a -5---5---5-8--7-6---6---6---6---
e --------------------------------