Melvins Cover Songs

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Cover Songs


UK bootleg released on black and colored vinyl in 2010. Wrap-round sleeve.

Track listing

Side 1

  1. Arnie (Warlock Pinchers cover)/ White Punks on Dope (The Tubes cover)
  2. Today Your Love Tomorrow The World (Ramones cover)
  3. Jerkin' Krokus (Mott The Hoople cover)
  4. Return Of Spiders (Alice Cooper cover)
  5. Rocket Reducer # 62 (MC5 cover)
  6. Lexicon Devil (Germs cover)

Side 2

  1. Venus In Furs (Velver Underground cover)
  2. God Of Thunder (Kiss cover)
  3. Leech (Green River cover)
  4. California Uber Alles (with Jello Biafra) (Dead Kennedys cover)
  5. Love Canal (Flipper cover)
  6. Someday (Flipper cover)

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