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[[Your Blessened]]
[[Your Blessened]]
[[Let God Be Your]]
[[Let God Be Your Gardner]]

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Nashville, TN - Exit/In

Show Lineup


Big Business

Another Fourth of July...Ruined

Hands Up


Start Your Digging

Grounds for Divorce

I'll Give You Something to Cry About

Just as the Day was Dawning

Easter Romantic

Big John

The Melvins

It's Shoved

I Want To Hold Your Hand

Civilized Worm

Suicide In Progress

Billy Fish


Your Blessened

Let God Be Your Gardner


With Teeth

Blood Witch

Rat Faced Granny

The Hawk

You've Never Been Right

A History of Bad Men

The Mechanical Bride

The Ballad of Dwight Fry



im heading to nashville saturday afternoon to catch this.anybody know a good bar for after the show,unless exit/in is the best place in the area.haven't been up there since clutch a couple of years ago.