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Ryan writes:

I grew up in Montesano and lived there my whole life until a few years ago. My best friend had a band that was excellent and in 9th grade opened for the Melvins at the RCKNDY in Seattle. Anyway, my buddy eventually ended up with the Melvan, the same one that Kurt Cobain drew the Kiss picture on with magic markers. Little worse for the wear, though hes been trying to get it running again. The Melvan is still in Montesano. My buddies band was called No Talent. They broke up years ago. The front says Mean Machine I believe. I think my friends band used it for a short time before it crapped out and we all drank in it for many years. I know there has been some paint added to it over the years, definitly not in original form. The Kiss picture was never touched though. I know that it will never be sold for scrap. He has put a lot of effort into getting it running again, but that takes a lot of money too and thats the problem. I learned that the Melvan probably took the melvins around the country thru 86' or so. I'll try to get some more info on it soon. My buddy got it from Matt Lukin's parents after he left. He still has the registration with Lukin's name on it.

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