Your Blessened (single)

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Your Blessened/Pronoun Piece Me

8" flexi Slap A Ham Records #2


  • 1st edit. 1000
  • clear wax orange cover
  • clear wax white cover
  • clear wax yellow cover
  • 2nd yellow wax blue cover edit. 1000
  • 3rd edit. 1000
  • red wax green cover
  • red wax red cover
  • red wax yellow cover

Track Listing


"Your Blessened" (recorded 2/4/1989 live at Gilman - San Francisco, CA)

"Pronoun Piece Me" (recorded 2/1/1986 at C/Z – same session as 10 Songs cd)

Note: both songs are on side A because this is a one sided 8” flexi disk


Buzz – guitar

Dale – drums

Lori – bass ("Your Blessened")

Matt - bass ("Pronound Piece Me")


  • Cover: 1st pressing has a picture of Buzz in childhood years
  • 2nd and 3rd pressings have a picture of Dale in childhood years
  • Xeroxed cover on white, yellow, blue and red paper
  • The 3rd pressing was supposed to have a cover with a picture of Lori in childhood years but that never happened
  • Most records came with 1 or 2 free “MELVINS” logo sticker



I distroed a small amount (13 copies to be exact) of the Your Blessened 8" flexi and Chris Dodge who ran Slap-a-Ham included in the 13, 1 copy that had 1st edition vinyl (clear) but second press cover (blue), he said he have some left over vinyl from the 1st edition. Mine is numbered #157. I have #193 of 2nd edition and it's normal so I don't know if that means there is "around" 170 like this or not.

brian gauze